Cricketer Meal Diet: What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink? 2023

Cricketer Meal Diet: What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink?: It is important for a cricketer to remain physically and mentally healthy. For physical fitness, cricketers do exercises daily, which keeps their bodies healthy.

Apart from this, cricketers eat something in their diet which keeps their body and mentally healthy. If you also want to become a cricketer, then this article is for you.

In this article, we have discussed ‘Cricketer Meal Diet, What Do Cricketers Eat?‘ Have told you about it.

Cricketer Meal Diet: What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink?:

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Proper nutrition is an important part of anyone’s fitness or cricket players. Be it one-day cricket or test cricket match, these are games that last all day long. Nutrition is very important in this.

Whatever cricket players eat or drink gives them energy throughout the match day. Eating the right food can improve their performance, whereas the wrong diet can spoil their performance.

Therefore, dieticians of cricket players take great care of the diet of the cricketers before, during, and after the match. Do you know what is included in their diet?

Also, know why Indian cricketers eat cheese on match night?

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Why Special Care For Cricketers Diet?

Cricket players take a diet to gather enough energy before the match. At the same time, during the match, we eat and drink to keep ourselves hydrated and maintain energy. At the same time, after the match, we take a diet to regain the lost energy and repair the wear and tear on the muscles caused during the match.

However, all cricketers are suggested not to wait for the match day to eat well, but rather follow certain eating rules throughout the week so that they feel completely healthy on the match day.

All cricketers keep eating something or the other at regular intervals of 2 to 3 hours. Lean protein is included in his diet. For non-vegetarians, chicken, seafood, and eggs are given. At the same time, soya, paneer, and tofu are served for vegetarians.

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What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink Before Match?

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Cricketers are given lots of vegetables and fruits to keep them active. They are protected from consuming too many carbohydrates till the day of the match. Instead of cola and energy drinks, maximum fruits and fruit juices are given.

Shortly before the match, Indian cricketers are given a high-carbohydrate meal along with protein. For this, they are fed stuffed vegetable omelets. Cricketers come to know only after the toss whether they will bat first or take the field for bowling.

Therefore, an easily digestible balanced meal is given 2 to 4 hours before the start of the match. In this, it is kept in mind that the food should be low in fat and contain protein and carbohydrates.

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What Breakfast Do Cricket Players Take Before Match?

Players are given a sandwich filled with vegetables, a fruit, sweet potatoes with chicken or fish and vegetables, a stuffed omelet, a piece of toast with vegetables, or a bowl of cereal or oatmeal with low-fat milk and fruit.

To prevent lethargy, food items with high fat and oil content are not given. Breakfast is most important on match day. No matter how much a cricketer is in a hurry, he never skips breakfast.

When time is very short, we take a smoothie with fruits. At the same time, during the match, players take a liquid diet to stay hydrated. At the same time, to maintain energy, eat snack bars.

What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink During Match?

It is very important to remain hydrated and energetic during sports. Therefore, cricketers are given carbohydrate snacks and drinks to maintain blood glucose levels. A regular supply of drinks, sweets, fruits, and a small amount of protein throughout the meal is necessary.

A small amount of fat is also included in these snacks to provide energy to the players. Staying hydrated is very important for players, especially while playing matches in hot or windy conditions, it becomes very important to maintain the water level in the body.

Therefore, cricketers are given a drink break every hour during the match. Players are given 250 to 500 ml of fluid every hour.

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What Are Cricket Players Given During Lunch Break?

The match format also includes breaks for lunch and tea. To maintain energy levels, players are given a carbohydrate and protein diet during breaks (Cricketer Meal Diet).

Meals include fresh or toasted sandwiches, rolls with lean meats and salads, tomato-based carbohydrate dishes, fruit salads, fruits, smoothies, and yogurt. At the same time, banana is the best source of energy.

Therefore, bananas are also given during breaks. Things like cake or sweets are not given during tea or lunch breaks. If there is a desire to eat sweets, the players are given a bowl of curd or some fruits.

How Do You Regain Lost Energy After Match?

Cricketer Meal Diet: Food is considered very important to regain the lost energy after a one-day match. After the match, players are given chicken, salad wraps, low-fat cheese, tomato sandwich, high carbohydrate with meat sauce, yogurt, milk or smoothie, dried fruits, and nut bar.

A carbohydrate, protein, and liquid diet helps the body to heal faster. To compensate for the water lost in the body due to sweating, players take sports drinks and drinks containing electrolytes.

Alcohol hinders the recovery of carbohydrates in the body and affects the recovery of soft tissue injuries. There is a ban on alcohol in case of injury before the match and during the test match.

Why Do Cricketers Eat Cheese On Match Night?

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Paneer is rich in protein, fat, calcium, protein, phosphorus, folate, and many nutrients. Besides, it also helps in controlling sugar and relieving mental stress. Raw cheese contains potassium, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

These keep cricketers mentally and physically healthy. Many players get stressed due to high pressure during ODI matches. To avoid this, they are given raw cheese. Apart from this, raw cheese strengthens the bones.

At the same time, cheese takes time to digest and gradually gives continuous energy to the cricketers. That is why cricketers are definitely given cheese in the dinner on match night.

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