List Of Top 5 Betting Exchange Sites In The World 2023

List Of Top 5 Betting Exchange Sites In The World: These days betting exchange is trending a lot. Apart from this, the betting exchange craze is capturing the hearts and minds of people all over the world including India.

So, which betting exchange site is the best? This is a difficult thing to decide. In today’s article, we are going to know about the Top 5 Betting Exchange Sites In The World.

So let’s move toward the main topic of this article:

What Is Means Betting Exchange?

The concept of placing online bets through bookmakers is common among bettors. Most individual bettors look to place online bets by signing up with bookmakers as they offer competitive odds across all significant sports platforms besides a wide scope of live betting.

There are considerable websites and software for online betting, that accept Indians. As well as, Some websites also allow users to place bets in Rupee.

Before choosing an online betting platform, it is very essential to do strong research about that betting exchange platform. Because there are many complaints of fraud the user is on some non-licensed online betting exchange websites.

A betting exchange is when the players should bet against another player instead than betting against any bookmakers. That means the players should create online bets against other players who are reinforcing opposite bets as well.

For example, player-A has placed an online bet for Chennai Super Kings to win a game, and another player B has placed an online bet for Chennai Super Kings to lose the game. player-A online bet would be stacked against that player-B who made the opposite online bet.

Typically, when players should use an online betting exchange, then bookmakers charge a very small amount to winner player as a commission after the event or match of the winning. Because bookmakers don’t get any charges or win any cash prize if the other player loses.

What Is The History Of Betting Exchange?

Betting Exchange is comparatively the latest when compared to bookmakers. Bookmakers’ betting has been operating nearly for over 200 years. The first betting exchanges had been introduced by Matchbook, Betfair, and in the early 2000s.

Orbit Exchange and Bet-Football powered by Betfair, is presently the leading betting exchange company in the betting market. After Orbit Exchange, Betfair is the second leading company in the betting exchange market.

List Of Top 5 Betting Exchange Sites In The World

Orbit Exchange

The Orbit Exchange is a very creative and emphatic web-based betting exchange application that is powered by Betfair. Since 2017 Orbit Exchange software has been offering unique and emphasized features., a vast range of betting markets, better bet acceptance speed, and high liquidity. It’s very phenomenal as the service and experience you should get through the Betfair Exchange. 

Orbit Exchange always gives 100% freedom to their users to place bets and users don’t need any bookmakers to place bets. As well as, users can bet with other users in Indian rupees.


The web-based betting exchange has hit the bullseye in terms of the range of matches or sporting events it covers on its online betting exchange. Apart from cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, and many more. 

Indibet also covers e-sports giving an added advantage and bonus gift to their users. Users can not only bet on online matches or events but also they can play various e-casino games and earn huge profits


The Betdaq has been functioning for 20 years. Betdaq has a strong client base, that brings in consequential earnings with each win. On each conquer, Betdaq provides a 2 percent commission. 

Betdaq is a very user-friendly app & website as well as, excellent graphics. The mobile application of Betdaq is tight and won’t take up significant space in the user device’s internal storage. Occasionally, Betdaq has offered a less than 1% commission to users. Users can access it from a web browser.


Matchbook is top-notch which is a useful option for Betfair, just especially for casual bettors. Matchbook’s betting exchange market coverage is very good, like Orbit Exchange. The matchbook betting exchange application is also available on both Android & iOS devices.

We have been very impressed with Matchbook as one of India’s very respectable and user-friendly betting exchange software. As well as Matchbook charges nearly 4% commission to their users. As well as, the respectable is not accepting multiple India-specific betting online payment methods. 


After Orbit Exchange and IndiBet, Dafabet is one of the leading cricket betting platforms in the world. Dafabet has also performed a pretty satisfactory job of making a betting exchange application and website that meets the necessity of rare and regular users. 

Best Features Of Orbit Exchange

Active And Dynamic:

Orbit Exchange is a very dynamic and active betting site. It keeps on switching over time so that players get the most unexplored experience in the market. In Orbit Exchange, players are not tied by any limits or rules.

Huge Liquidity:

Liquidity refers to the ease with which an asset can be converted into willing money without affecting its market price. At Orbit Exchange, players get huge liquidity, so players can easily convert their winning amount into cash.


Orbit Exchange is one such site that isn’t tied by any limit. As well as, we can say OrbitExch is a limitless betting site. In Orbit Exchange, players can experience constant flux. As well, players can keep adjusting their bets according to the possibilities.

Simply Competitive:

Because bet is played not with bookmakers, but with players, it can occasionally be very simply competitive. Betting competition between bookmakers keeps on rising and users submit to these events or matches so much that players want to beat the best in any circumstances.

Cash Out:

The most useful feature of Orbit Exchange is cashed out. If during any game players feel that they aren’t confident that they’ll win that match or event. players can select their cash-out choice as per their needs. 

FAQ – Top 5 Betting Exchange Sites

How Many Sports Games Should You Bet On In Orbit Exchange?

Ans. Orbit Exchange’s Users can be overjoyed to hear that, the Orbit Exchange app provides more than 30 sports games for betting to their users:

  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • American Football 
  • Baseball 
  • Horse Racing
  • Rugby 
  • Rugby Union
  • Gaelic Games
  • Dart 
  • Card
  • Esports 
  • Boxing
  • Cycling 
  • MotorSport 
  • Netball
  • Golf 
  • Ice Hockey 
  • Special Bets 
  • Snooker 
  • Hockey
  • Politics, etc.

What Are The Difference Between Lay Bet & Back Bet?

Ans. A back bet means putting the user’s money on something to happen in a match or event. For example, a horse or a player, or a team to win. As well as, in the Lay bet, means betting on something not will happen in a match or event.

Q. Best Betting Exchange Strategies?

Ans. There are plenty of betting exchange strategies available. But It’s dependent on certain markets, how many odds to enter and exit the market in the event of earning profit or minimizing losses. The strategies range from laying the tie to betting the overs and ditching.

Q. Is It Possible To Make Money On A Betting Exchange?

Ans. Definitely, With betting exchange, you can earn money in the long term provided the proper money management methods are followed and the different rules and operating methods have been learned.

Q. Which Sites Offer Betting Exchanges In India?

Ans. There are very few sites that offer betting exchanges in India such as Orbit Exchange, IndiBet, and many more.

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