Who Is My Favourite Football Player – A True Inspiration 2023

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Who Is My Favourite Football Player – A True Inspiration

Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite footballer, I like him very much. He has millions of fans all over the world. It was because of him that I started playing football. Cristiano Ronaldo is known by the nicknames Chris, Ron, Ronnie, The Sultan of Stepover, and CR7. He is a resident of Portugal. He plays as captain for the Real Madrid club since 2009. He is an excellent player.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1985. He is the fourth child of his parents. Cristiano Ronaldo has an elder brother, Hugo, and two elder sisters, Elma and Liliana Setia. He was named after former US President Ronald Reagan because his father liked Ronald Reagan very much. Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo is my favorite player because he helps poor children.

He is an inspiration for children who want to be like him when they grow up. He not only meets such poor children but also provides them with proper resources so that they can fulfill their dreams. When the tsunami hit Southeast Asia, Cristiano Ronaldo immediately came to Indonesia. So that he could help the needy people, he got some of his valuables auctioned to raise money and help the needy. Because he believes that being an international celebrity, it is his responsibility to help the needy.

At the international level, he represented the Portugal football team. The turning point in his international career came when he won the Euro 2016 title by defeating France in its home ground. This established him as an international football legend.

Ronaldo had a special love for football since childhood. He got his chance to play as a professional footballer when he was signed by the Portuguese club Sporting CP. While playing for the Sporting CP club, he was diagnosed with a congestive heart failure called “racing heart“. This disease could have shattered his football career and dreams.

A normal person would have been devastated to hear this news but Cristiano faced the disease with his determination. He underwent surgery with the help of the club. This was the puzzle hurdle in his career and since then he faced various challenges and achieved success through his determination, hard work, and self-confidence. That’s why Ronaldo is my favorite football player.

During his free time, Cristiano Ronaldo likes cooking. He told in an interview that he usually cooks before going to football practice. Due to his busy lifestyle, he usually does not get time to watch television. But whenever he watches television, he likes to watch programs which are about general knowledge. Thus, it comes to light that Cristiano Ronaldo is a person who likes to learn new things every day.

When he is on the field, he not only plays well himself but also inspires his teammates to play well. From time to time he tells them such things related to sports which can improve their game. He is a true footballer. He leads a very disciplined lifestyle. She is very conscious about her diet, exercise, and routine. He likes to keep his body fit.

The things I like about him are his ability to play under pressure, discipline, work ethic, dedication, and self-confidence. Sometimes they are considered arrogant because of their self-confidence, but this is not true.

Football fans and former football players around the world consider him to be the greatest footballer of all time. At club level, he played for famous clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid. He performed brilliantly in both these clubs and won many trophies, domestic cups, champion league and top scorer awards, etc.

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