World Cup 2023: Will There Be A Reserve Day For Semi-Finals And Final Or Not?

World Cup 2023: Will There Be A Reserve Day For Semi-Finals And Final Or Not?: India vs New Zealand 1st Semi-Final:

ODI World Cup 2023 has now reached its knockout stage. After the last three matches, the whole world will know the name of the champion of the year 2023 ODI World Cup.

World Cup 2023:

The Indian team has played like a champion so far in this ODI World Cup. The Indian team looks much stronger than the other three teams present in the semi-finals.

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Will There Be A Reserve Day For Semi-Finals And Final Or Not?:

The first match of the two semi-final matches in the ODI World Cup will be played between India and New Zealand on November 15 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. South Africa will face Australia in the second semi-final of the World Cup.

The second semi-final match of the World Cup will be played on 16 November at the Eden Garden Stadium in Kolkata. A big update has come out regarding the opening of both these matches.

Will the match be held on Reserve Day:

There is definitely a question in the minds of cricket fans whether the facility of reserve day is available for these matches or not.

So let us tell you that ICC i.e. ICC Cricket Counseling has made arrangements for reserve days for both the semi-finals and the final.

In such a situation, if there is rain during the semi-final or final match and the game is not completed then it will be played the next day.

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What will happen if it rains on Reserve Day:

If the match could not be completed even on the reserve day and there was continuous rain on both days, then in such a situation the team having a better position in the points table would get the advantage and would go to the next round.

For example, if there is rain on both days during the first semi-final between India and New Zealand, then in such a situation the Indian team at number one in the points table will qualify for the final. Whereas New Zealand, which is at number four, may have to look for a way out.

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