What Is A Pick 6 In Football? 2023

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What Is A Pick 6 In Football?

A “pick 6” in football refers to a specific play or event that occurs during a game, typically in American football. It occurs when a defensive player intercepts a pass thrown by the opposing team’s quarterback and returns it for a touchdown.

In other words, the defensive player not only prevents the intended receiver from catching the pass but also gains possession of the ball and runs it into the end zone for a touchdown.

Here’s how a pick 6 typically unfolds:

1. The quarterback from the offensive team attempts to throw a pass to one of their receivers.

2. A defensive player, often a cornerback, safety, or linebacker, anticipates the pass, jumps the route, and intercepts the ball.

3. After making the interception, the defensive player attempts to run the ball back toward the opposing team’s end zone.

4. If the defensive player successfully crosses the goal line of the opposing team without being tackled or forced out of bounds, it results in a touchdown worth six points for the defensive team.

The term “pick 6” comes from the combination of “pick” (interception) and “6” (the six points awarded for a touchdown in American football).

It is a significant play in the game because not only does the defense prevent the offense from scoring, but it also scores points for their own team, often swinging the momentum of the game in their favor.

Who gets the ball after a pick 6?

After a pick 6, the team that scored the touchdown typically kicks off to the opposing team to restart the game. In American football, possession of the ball alternates between the 2 teams after each score. Here’s how it works:

1. The team that scored the pick 6 celebrates the touchdown, and the scoring team’s special teams unit takes the field for the kickoff.

2. The kicker from the scoring team kicks the ball to the receiving team, and the receiving team’s returner attempts to field the kickoff and advance the ball as far up the field as possible.

3. The receiving team then starts their offensive possession from the spot where the returner was tackled or where the ball went out of bounds or into the end zone for a touchback.

So, in summary, the team that just scored a pick 6 does not retain possession of the ball after the touchdown. They kick off to the opposing team, which then gets a chance to attempt to score on their offensive possession.

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