‘293-Run Bat Is Lost,’ Virender Sehwag Shares Memorable Innings 2023

Virender Sehwag shares his bats – ”293-Run Bat Is Lost,’ Virender Sehwag Shares Memorable Innings 2023:

If the name Stormy Openers comes in world cricket, then Virender Sehwag is definitely on the list. His exploits have also been like this.

Sehwag played his natural game in every format of the game. Because of this, his name is taken with great reverence.

Virender Sehwag Shares Memorable Innings

Virender Sehwag has scored a triple-century twice in Test cricket for India. One of them even came to Pakistan. Sharing old memories, Sehwag has posted his bats on social media, from which he got a lot of fame in his career.

In a post on Instagram, Sehwag shared a few bats and also revealed that the bat he scored in his 293-run innings is lost somewhere. Sehwag wrote in the caption that there is power in the bat, 309, 319, 219, 119, 254. Dear friend, 293 bats are lost.

Among Sehwag’s triple centuries, the century in Multan can be considered extraordinary. While thrashing Pakistani bowlers, he scored India’s first triple-century in Test history. He played an inning of 309 runs in that match. He is one of the batsmen to score triple century twice.

He could have become the first batsman to score three triple centuries in Test history but was dismissed for 293. This was seen in the year 2009 during the Test match against Sri Lanka. Although Sehwag could not achieve this figure, his style of play has always been the same.

Even after coming close to a century, he used to go on to complete hundreds while hitting the ball in the air. The bowlers were in awe of his stormy batting. As an opener for the Indian team, Sehwag performed a blistering game.

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