Who Is The King Of Football?

Who Is The King Of Football?: Great football player Pele, also known as the King Of Football & Magician of Football.

Early Life Full Of Struggles:

According to media reports, the early life of Pele, who took Brazil to the top of the football world, was full of struggle. Born in a poor family, Pele was fond of football since childhood.

He did not have money to buy football and kit, so he used to play on the streets of Sao Paulo by making balls out of newspaper waste.

Pele also worked as a waiter in tea shops. Pele, who scored about 650 goals in league matches and 1281 goals in senior matches, became the king of the football world on the basis of his passion.

Pelé was born on October 23, 1940 in Minas Gerais, Brazil. His full name was Edson Arantes do Nascimento.

However, as Pele kept making new records on the football field, he started getting many nicknames like ‘Black Pearl’, ‘King of Football’, and ‘King Pele’. Most of his wealth was created after his football career.

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Associated With Many Famous Brands

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According to the report of The Daily Star, Pele’s annual income was around $14 million and along with football, he also made a lot of wealth through many famous brand endorsements. While he earned money by associating with Visa and Mastercard, he also worked with shoe brands like Puma.

He made a lot of wealth as a brand ambassador. He was named United Nations Ambassador for Ecology and Environment in 1992, and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1994.

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Left Behind An Estate Worth $100 Million

According to the information shared on the-sun.com quoting celebrity net worth, Pele, also known as the ‘King of Football’, has left behind a net worth of around $100 million.

He is considered the greatest footballer of all time and at his peak, he was the highest-paid athlete in the world. But, on December 29, 2022, a deadly disease like colon cancer forced him to leave this world.

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