List Of Top 10 Golden Online Betting Rules 2023

If you want to achieve success in Online Betting, you need to keep certain Online Betting Rules in mind while placing bets. Below we present you the Top 10 Golden Online Betting Rules.

So without wasting time let’s move on to Golden Rules For Online Betting:

Top 10 Golden Online Betting Rules-

1. Don’t Bet On Low Odds:

Betting on low odds can prove to be more risky and harmful betting. For example, if you have India as the favorite in a match between India and Australia and you have placed a bet of ₹10,000 for India to win at odds of 1.60, you will get only ₹6000 if India wins, while you will have to pay ₹10,000 if you lose.

Also, if you bet on the other team at odds of 1.20 (20 paise) to set the book, you will only make a profit of ₹ 4000, ie only ₹ 40% of the amount placed.

That’s why always bet on a favorite team at higher rates (1.85 to 1.90) so that after setting the book, you can get a profit of 60% to 70%.

2. Keep Patience:

If you have studied all the facts related to the match before placing a bet and you have placed a bet on one team to win, be patient and stick with it till the end.

Many times the team on which the punter bets and one or two wickets fall quickly in the beginning and his rate falls, then he starts reversing the bet in a hurry.

In such a situation, he has to face loss from both sides. You should always keep in mind that only one team will be the winner in the match.

3. Respect Your Decision And Knowledge:

If you have placed a bet on a team to win before the match starts or during the match, respect your judgment and wisdom and stick to it.

Because it is common to take risks in betting, it is not necessary that the bet you have placed will be successful, but by changing the decision again and again, you can also suffer more losses.

Similarly, follow the same strategy while playing a session or any other fancy bet.

4. Each Bet Should Be An Equal Amount:

Often the punter, after losing a bet, places the next bet for a higher amount, even when doing so can be more damaging. Because it is not necessary that you can win all the bets.

If you lose all your bets on a given day, you can lose more. That’s why all bets should be placed with the same amount. If you have placed your first bet of ₹500 and it has won or lost, then place your next bet of ₹500 only.

With this, you can reduce your losses and if your strategy is successful, you can also get a decent win.

5. Place Only One Bet In One Session:

If you are playing a session in a cricket match and suppose you have placed a bet (Yes or Back) on 45 runs or more in 6 overs, then place only one bet and wait. It is not that the session has dropped to 40, so make that too Yes (Back).

In such a situation, if 40 is not scored in any situation, then you will suffer a double loss. That’s why be patient by placing a bet.

Similarly, if you have placed a Not or Lay bet to make 45, then when the session increases to 50, do not place a Not or Lay bet again.

Because sometimes more than 50 runs can be scored in 6 overs and then you can have a double loss. To avoid losses, place only one bet in a session and the same amount in all sessions.

6. Never Put The Full Amount In A Single Bet:

Greed can prove to be the most harmful for you in the field of betting. Never bet the full amount if your limit is ₹10,000 because if you lose that bet, you will no longer have any money to play with.

In such a situation, you will not even be able to cover your necklace. That’s why always bet only 10 to 15% of your full limit so that you can bet on the whole match.

7. Take Late Entry In The Match:

If you want to place a bet on a match, then placing a bet immediately after the start of the match can be a bad decision.

Taking late entry can prove to be a better decision for you. That’s why first watch the match for a few overs and only then take a decision.

Sometimes a few wickets fall at the very beginning of the match, due to which the favorite team becomes non-favorite.

In such a situation, it is possible that the team you want to bet on may be found at a non-favorite rate and you can win a good amount of money by laying instead of backing it.

The advantage of late entry is that sometimes you can bet on the non-favorite team as well, and when the odds increase, you can set the book by betting on your favorite team.

8. Book Set Is Necessary:

Many punters do not set the book because they feel that their team is winning one-sidedly and there is no point in losing some money.

But the trend of the match can turn anytime, a batsman can chase runs by batting fast and a bowler can come back in the match by taking a few wickets.

That is why you must have seen that sometimes even the non-favorite team wins at 1.03 odds (03 paise).

Like 25 runs are needed in the last over and the batsman made it or 6 runs are needed to win in the last over and the bowler defended.

This or any similar situation can happen. If this happens and you are a sure bet by betting on your favorite team at that time, you will lose if the match turns, when you had every chance to save your money and win a good amount.

9. Don’t Make Addiction To Online Betting:

Many people get addicted to betting and they want to bet on every match at any cost. If you bet on every match you can never be profitable because betting does not guarantee you profit.

Sometimes the match can be according to your mind and sometimes it can be opposite to your strategies, so always bet wisely. Avoid betting on lesser-known and all matches.

10. Bet Responsibly:

Betting involves an element of financial risk which is why it is so important to bet wisely and responsibly. To comply with this responsibility, you will also have to create your own strategy and set a certain maximum daily betting limit.

If you have lost a certain amount then leave that match and make a strategy for the next match. Also, do not consume alcohol before or during betting.

Never play by asking loan from anyone. Don’t make betting your primary source of income, that means don’t depend on betting. Think of betting as just a part of the fun.

Don’t bet without thinking and analyze it thoroughly before every match and then place the bet. Be patient in case of loss and stick to your strategy for the next bet.

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