Top 10 Important Cricket Betting Terms Meaning 2023

Cricket Betting Terms Meaning: Despite cricket betting not being legal in India, many people still bet on the gray market. Along with this, foreign online bookmakers are operating legally in India, so the demand for online cricket betting is also growing day by day.

Along with this, an online cricket betting facility is also being provided in the gray market or black market to make it easier for Indian punters to bet and understand its terms. If you are going to begin online cricket betting for the first time then it is very essential for you to understand these basic terms.

Here we are going to tell you the Top 10 Important Cricket Betting Terms Meaning Which Every Punter Needs To Know.

Top 10 Important Cricket Betting Terms Meaning:

When you start cricket betting, you come across some terms which are very important to understand. Because without understanding these terms it will be difficult for you to bet. So let’s take a look at 10 popular cricket betting terms:

1. What Is A Bookmaker?

This term is more common during online cricket betting (Difference Between Online Bookmaker Vs. Offline Bookmaker) in India. The company that provides betting facilities is called a bookmaker.

Bookmakers can be of two types: online bookmakers and offline bookmakers. Online bookmakers offer all their facilities online, while offline bookmakers offer their facilities through betting stalls or regional offices.

For example, IndiBet or Orbit Exchange is an online bookmaker in India, while offline bookmakers are not allowed to operate here.

2. What Is A Bookie?

A person who organizes betting on the gray market in India is called a bookie. The job of the bookie is to accept the bets of the punters and deal with the money.

Although overseas betting companies are also called bookies because they give you such a facility. In foreign countries, online betting companies are called online bookies, and those operating offline are simply called bookies.

3. What Is Punter / Player / Bettor?

A person betting with any bookmaker or bookie is called a punter or bettor. In India, the word punter or player is used for people who place bets, while in foreign countries, the word bettor is also used along with these words.

4. What Are Favorites And Non-favorite?

A team with a strong position before the start of a match or during a match is a favorite, while a team with a weak position is a non-favorite. The favorite and non-favorite teams may change depending on the match situation. (Cricket Betting Terms Meaning)

5. What Are The Odds?

In any match, a price is decided according to the strong and weak teams. Odds are given before the match, but after the toss, after the playing XI is announced or according to the events happening in the match, the odds of the match keep changing.

For example, before the start of the India-Pakistan match the Odds are 60-61 and India is the favorite. But if Pakistan field first after winning the toss, then those odds can go up slightly.

Along with this, if the Pakistan team takes 2 wickets in the first 10 overs and takes a strong hold in the match, then these odds can also change.

Same, India can become a non-favorite by being Pakistan’s favorite. Online betting has decimal odds, ie 60-61 odds are shown as 1.60 – 1.61.

6. What Is A Quarter, Half Pack, One Pack, Half Box, One Box, Falh Khokha, And One Khokha?

These words are used more in India. Quarter means ₹ 2,500, half pack means ₹ 5 thousand, one pack means ₹ 10 thousand, half box means ₹ 50 thousand, one box means ₹ 1 lakh, half khokha means ₹ 50 lahks and one khokha means ₹ 1 crore. Accordingly, you can increase the units during the bet, Ex, 2 Gaddi (₹20,000), 3 Gaddi (₹30,000), etc.

7. What Is Back And Lay?

If you are going to do cricket betting online, then it is very important for you to understand Back & Lay, because the words Back & Lay are used repeatedly for betting on the match.

The word put is used to bet on a favorite team and the word back is used to bet on a non-favorite team.

Let us understand this through an example: Suppose India and Pakistan match is going on in which India is the favorite and Pakistan is the non-favorite. (Cricket Betting Terms Meaning)

In such a situation, if you want to bet on your favorite team India, then you have to bet (Back), whereas to bet on the victory of Pakistan, you have to lay.

8. What Is A Loss Cut/Book Set?

Let’s say the team you bet on is on its way to victory. Being in a strong position, she has been heavily favored and the odds have come down significantly, so the book is set to avoid any risk. Because the situation can change anytime in a cricket match and the trend of the match can be reversed anytime.

Sometimes in cricket, the non-favorite team has also been seen winning at 3 paise. So, if you are betting some amount of confirmed winnings on a team, set the book immediately when the odds come down. So that, if due for any reason the trend of the match reverses, then you do not face any loss.

For example, suppose you have placed ₹10,000 on a team at odds of 80p and that team is winning a one-sided match, which has resulted in the odds coming down to around 20p. So, you should immediately return ₹ 10,000 to the non-favorite team.

That is, if the favorite team you bet on earlier wins the match, you will make a profit of ₹6,000 and if the match suddenly reverses and the other team wins the match, you will not lose anything.

Always bet more than the placed amount when setting the book, so that you get profit on both sides. This process is called loss cut/book set.

9. What Is Yes/Not In Session?

There are mainly 6 overs, 10 overs, 15 overs, 20 overs, and 50 overs sessions in any cricket match. The same sessions are also operated on phone lines in the gray market of India.

For example, session 45-46 of 6 overs is open in a match and you feel that 46 or more runs will be scored, then for this, you will have to say 46 yes.

After this, if 46 or more runs are scored then you will win this bet. Apart from this, if you are thinking that it will be made less than 45, then for this you have to do 45 knots.

In such a situation if 45 or more runs are scored then you will lose this bet. During online betting, the terms Back for Yes and Lay for No are used.

10. What Are Fancy Bets?

If you do cricket betting via phone in the gray market in India, you will not get to place fancy bets other than the sessions mentioned above. But during online cricket betting, there are many fancy bets available apart from the session.

Such as how many runs will be scored in an over, how many runs will be scored in a given over, how many runs the batsman will score, how many runs the next wicket will fall before or after, whether the next wicket will fall bycatch or not, how many runs the bowler will spend, etc.

Cricket Betting Terms Meaning: In all these bets the numbers fluctuate as the match progresses, and you can bet at any time like a session.

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