Is Online Betting On Horse Races Legal In India? 2023

Horse Race Betting: If you are looking for ‘Is Online Betting On Horse Races Legal In India?’ Then you are on the right website. Here we will discuss whether Online Betting On Horse Races is Legal In India. but also How Does Horse Betting Works?

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Is Online Betting On Horse Racing Legal In India Or Not?:

The Law Commission has recommended the exemption of betting on sports. The Commission says that the ban on betting encourages black money and crime.

In view of this, it should be given legal recognition. At present, only betting on horse races is legal. 28% GST is levied on this.

How Does Horse Betting Works?

> In the year 1996, while giving the verdict, the Supreme Court said that betting on horse racing is not just a game of luck, but also takes skill.

In such a situation, it cannot be brought under the Police Act of 1988 and the Gaming Act of 1930. After this decision of the Supreme Court, betting on horse racing increased rapidly in India.

> There are five ‘Turf Authority of India‘ in India, that conduct horse racing in 9 race courses spread across the country.

Everyone has their own gambling stations and trackside bookmakers. Horse racing is a legal and regulated industry. From here you can also bet on many international races online.

> Online gambling license is available only in Goa, and Sikkim in India. But he has also not been issued any license for horse racing to date.

After a lot of effort, the Turf Authority has got the opportunity to do para mutual betting on the race course and off-course centers.

> On the other hand there is no law that prohibits overseas online betting on horse racing. In such a situation, it is flourishing here too.

From the Kentucky Derby in Africa to the St Ledger Stakes in England, there are plenty of betting opportunities for Indians.

Big Business Of Online Betting:

Online betting also has a huge market when there is no restriction on betting on horse racing in the country. There are many such websites through which people do online betting.

In this, complete accounting can be done in Indian currency. The special thing is that on these sites, you will get all the information related to this game along with horses, skills, race courses, horsemen, and trainers so that you can bet in a professional way.

Gamblers Can Give Quotes

In online betting, gamblers can also give rates and bets. Here it works exactly like the stock market. You will also be able to get information about the head-to-head conditions for the horses to stay ahead of them with live video on many sites.

It Is Recommended To Add Aadhaar-PAN

Explain that in the Law Commission’s report ‘Legal Framework: Gambling and Sports Betting Including Cricket in India’, some amendments have been recommended in the law for the regulation of betting and to earn tax revenue from it.

The commission also recommended linking of Aadhaar or PAN card of any person involved in betting or gambling and also going for cashless transactions to check the use of black money.

Parliament Can Make Laws

The report said, “Parliament can enact a model law for the regulation of betting. States can adopt it or alternatively, Parliament can enact a bill using its powers under Article 249 or 252 of the Constitution.

If the bill is passed under Article 252, then states other than the consenting states will be free to adopt it.

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