How To Do Batting: Top Secrets Of How To Improve Batting? 2023

How To Do Batting: If you are looking for How to improve batting? How to do batting? What is the right way to batting?  then you have the right website.

Here, all these questions indicate the same thing either, you are learning to bat. So, read this post very carefully till the end because we will try to tell you the Top Batting Tips, which will remove your doubts if you wanna know the complete all of the batting then pay attention to these aspects:

Choosing The Right Bat:

First of all, you should choose the right weight bat which you can easily lift, many youths get confused in checking the weight, so this is a special tip for them.

To check the weight of any bat, play a square cut shot, this will give you an idea of the weight and whether you can lift that bat or not.

The weight of any bat is in the lower, middle, or upper middle of the bat. Don’t use a too heavy bat and if you play leather ball cricket then choose English willow bats from Kashmir willow and English willow cricket bats as their wood is of better quality and they are very light for all international cricket players Only English willow bats are used.

How To Build The Right Batting Stance?

Stance is the first step to learning cricket or any game, without improving your stance it will take you a long time to learn cricket.

To use the correct crease, you have to stand exactly in the center of the line of the batting crease, ie one foot outside the line and one inside If you are a right-handed batsman, take guard of the middle or leg stump.

If you take the leg stump guard, keep your right foot on the leg stump and left foot slightly outside the leg stump, this gives you a good position and you can play shots in all directions.

This stance gives more room on the off-stump and many shots can be made on the off-stump as well, but be careful not to keep the left leg out too much, it will be difficult for you to cover the ball off-stump.

How To Build Perfect Cricket Footwork?

If your footwork is not right then you will be out soon and all the players are not natural like Sehwag so it is necessary to have good footwork.

To improve footwork, you have to practice for hours and hours and there is no other way. To make it easier, divide the footwork into parts.

Play the front foot shot only on the front foot and not standing and playback foot shot only on the back foot. Practice each shot for half an hour and follow the basic like while playing straight drive it is necessary to stretch the elbow upwards and this shot is played on the front foot only.

Wait for the ball to pitch outside the off stump to play the square cut. Never go on the front foot early, this makes it difficult to play the shot pitch ball, but also do not delay in going on the front foot on a length ball, otherwise, you will miss the chance to score, so be alert for both types of balls.

How To Improve In Batting?

It is not necessary to learn something new every time to improve batting. Sometimes some bad shots have to be stopped for some time.

For example, the pull shot is such a shot, that many people are not able to play but still get out while trying. Often those people who have a stronger off-side are not able to play the pull shot well.

But, it doesn’t mean that those who play this shot well will have a bad offside. If you can score more runs by leaving just one shot, then it is better to leave it.

There are many players who have scored thousands of runs even without this shot. Try to improve the rest of the shots which are good except the shot which bothers you.

How To Play Square Cut:

The correct technique to play square cut is don’t go on the front foot first and wait for the short ball outside the off stump then move your back foot slightly in the direction of the off stump by doing this you will be able to cover the ball from above and then Cut.

Initially play this shot towards the ground and as mastery is achieved, you can convert this shot into 6 runs like an uppercut, that too with pure timing without power but it takes time to do so.

How To Play The Shot According To fielding?

It is important to play shots according to field placement if you want to bat for a long time. By doing this, more runs are scored and catch also fall in the open.

Legendary players like Sachin, Virat, Dhoni, and Joe Root also do the same. Instead of hitting shots hard, try to find the gap, friends, understand one thing, it is foolish to hit every ball hard; So always take singles as well and hit the balls hard when the time comes.

How To Learn Cricket Batting?

It takes 3 months to learn the right way of batting or any game, but it is difficult to master it which takes years. If there is perseverance, everything is possible Sushant Singh Rajput has not played much cricket but the helicopter shot he shot in the movie MS Dhoni Untold Story shows that everything is possible with hard work and dedication, rest are excuses.

To learn to bat, you can join a club where you get nets and it is a great opportunity to learn batting under the guidance of a coach. If you can’t join a club, there are tons of videos on YouTube that you can watch to learn how to improve your batting.

You guys can also watch sports via go youtube channel in which we upload videos related to cricket, in that you will get batting tips videos, cricket batting tips as well as bowling tips, on how to bowl a perfect yorker, besides learning to bat Keep these things in mind 

To learn to bat first learn to defend and that too both types ie front foot and back foot defense. When you learn how to defend, believe me, batting will become very easy for you and you will climb the first step in learning cricket batting.

Now you alternately practice some main shots daily like flick shot, square cut, straight drive, and cover drive, practice all these shots daily for half an hour, and practice a particular shot on any one day. And also do the separate practice of hitting and after a good practice, you will be able to know very well how to hit sixes in cricket.

FAQ – How To Do Batting

How to hit sixes in cricket?

The easiest way to hit sixes in cricket is to go over the ball and hold the right line and use a straight bat and play shots in the air over the bowler when the ball is long.

Which is the easy way to hit sixes?

The easy way to hit sixes is to first change the way you hold the bat don’t hold the bat too low, use a long handle, don’t go too close to the ball, and swing like a golf shot, the next moment you see the ball flying in the air. Will come The bat is caught from very low only when we have to play defense and punch shots.

Best batting tips?

  1. Take a guard of the leg-stump or middle stump and do not take your eyes off the ball while defending or playing a shot.
  2. Use the bat as straight as possible.
  3. Play full-length balls on the front foot and shot balls on the back foot only, try to get singles continuously.
  4. Do not lose sight of the bowler and play shots according to field placement.
  5. Try to convert 1 run into 2 runs.
  6. Play the full shot while hitting a six, don’t try half-heartedly
  7. When the bowler is in good rhythm, give him respect, and don’t play wrong shots by getting angry, this is the way to play cricket.

How to catch a bat?

If you are a right-handed batsman, first hold the handle of the bat with the left hand and now join the four fingers of your right hand and keep the thumb apart, now dragging your hand on the bat from behind the bat just above the shoulder of the bat where Hold where the handle starts and place the other hand after a gap of 2 to 3 fingers.

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