How To Review And Rate Football Betting Apps In India? 2023

Football Betting Apps In India: In India, football betting apps are rapidly gaining momentum and becoming the first choice for punters to bet on their favorite sports and football.

We review football betting apps in detail and comprehensively to make sure you don’t make the wrong choice. Now the question is how do we review and rate football betting apps in India? And what factors do we consider?

Besides, why do these factors matter? If you are curious to know why our reviews are trusted by thousands of bookies and punters in India and around the world, read on.

If you want to place an online bet on football but are confused about which Football Betting App is best for placing a bet on a football? then you are on the right platform.

In this article, we will try to discuss How To Review And Rate Football Betting Apps In India? Our reviews follow a multi-layered process in which we assess the following aspects of football betting apps.

So, without wasting a time let’s move to How To Review And Rate Football Betting Apps In India?:

How To Review And Rate Football Betting Apps In India? 

Let’s move on, How To Review And Rate Football Betting Apps In India?

License And Security:

When it comes to Football online gambling, licensing is paramount for the platform to operate. Companies running football betting apps need these licenses to verify that their services are legitimate and trustworthy.

Furthermore, since real money is involved in football betting apps, the licenses confirm that you are participating in legal activity and that your hard-earned money is transacted securely.

In our reviews, we make it a priority to check their licenses and the governing authorities that issued them.

We only recommend applications that have been approved by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Licensed by some of the most trusted legal gambling authorities, such as the Gambling Commission and the Govt.

Our team thoroughly background checks these companies before displaying them on our website to ensure your utmost safety.

Availability And Compatibility

Our football betting app reviews are heavily influenced by the availability and compatibility of betting apps. The explanation of why these 2 are the determining factors for online football betting apps is rather self-explanatory.

The more easily available an application is to use, the more likely visitors are to download it. Many high-end applications often fail to meet the market requirements because they limit their user base by being available only on certain devices.

When reviewing football betting apps, we check both the Android and iOS variants of the platform and also check whether the app is compatible with most of the smartphones available today.

Football betting apps such as IndiBet and Orbit Exchange are highly rated on our website. And are extremely popular in India, as they run smoothly on almost every smart device and can be downloaded in just a few clicks.

Design And User-Friendliness

The design and user-friendliness of the betting app more or less decide the fate of the platform. Being a part of one of the fastest-growing online football gambling markets, Indian punters are still in the selection phase.

Therefore, for football betting apps, it is important to ensure that they leave a lasting first impression on visitors.

When users feel the app is designed with them in mind, they come back to play. Our reviews take into account key factors that contribute to an app’s design and user-friendliness, such as mobile compatibility, loading speed, transparency, and ease of navigation.


You wouldn’t want to place your bets on an app that isn’t reliable enough or crashes, would you? We do not want our readers to waste their time and money on betting apps that are not trustworthy or authentic.

Every online football betting app we review goes through a series of tests to determine whether it is downloadable or not. If we find an anomaly in our testing, we flag it for our visitors to know and be careful about. This also affects the overall rating of the app.

Customer Review

An important pillar that forms the basis of our reviews and ratings of football betting apps in India is customer reviews.

Customer reviews help us understand what users at large think about football betting platforms and bring to light unknown issues.

Analyzing these reviews, and rating allows us to see the bigger image and make an objective assessment of both the advantages and disadvantages of football betting apps.

This not only helps beginner punters to choose the right app for football online betting but also provides constructive criticism to the companies operating these apps.

Unique Features

Unique features set apps apart from the crowd. As new football betting apps are rapidly entering the Indian market, it is important for platforms to bring fresh approaches to the table if they are to survive.

This, in turn, creates a win-win situation where players get to enjoy a better betting experience with less hassle.

Before getting down to the review, we dedicate some of our time to navigating through all the features offered by the football betting app.

Our ratings are always influenced by features that make a gambling app unique and make life easier for punters in some way or the other.

Unique features like in-app analysis and instant withdrawals have contributed a lot to the success of popular football betting apps in India.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a phenomenal advantage when it comes to living football betting. This allows punters to stay up-to-date with what is happening in sports and helps them make informed decisions.

Having real-time data and a live view of the game changes the dynamics of betting from mere speculation to strategy making. Hence, live streaming evolves a factor that we totally can’t miss out on while checking and rating football betting apps for you.

Free live streaming of popular sports like cricket and football also brings many users to the platform, who do not place bets yet but may choose the app for sports betting in the future.

IndiBet and Orbit Exchange are one of the best football betting apps offering live streaming in India.

Customer Support 

Customer support is one of the most important factors to consider before signing up with any football betting app. From the registration process to secure withdrawals, we all love having a professional by your side.

It becomes easier for users to trust a brand if they know that someone is there. So that they can face any problem.

Since prompt customer support is a highly sought-after feature, we ensure that we thoroughly evaluate the assistance and guidance provided by Football Betting Apps’ support staff.

Hence, this is all we consider in order to give accurate and trustworthy reviews for football betting apps in India. An ideal betting app should not fulfill all these requirements.

A football betting app with a great design is still not the right choice. Whereas, if it is not compatible with most devices or has poor customer support.

Plus, our team analyzes each one of these to create reviews that are informative, but not too complicated to understand. Finally, we assign a rating to each betting app we review taking into account everything mentioned above.

Hope you had a great time reading this and now you have a better understanding of how we review football betting apps in India.

If you still have any questions, chances are you’ll find the answers to them in the FAQ section below.

FAQ (Football Betting Apps In India)

Are betting apps legal in India?

Yes, football betting apps are legal in India. If you live offshore, download and play on licensed football betting apps, such as IndiBet, and other operators listed on the Orbit Exchange.

Which is the best betting app in India?

We believe that IndiBet and Orbit Exchange have the best betting apps available for players in India. IndiBet, and Orbit Exchange This football betting app is fast, user-friendly, reliable, and trusted by millions of players around the world. Compare our full list of the best football betting apps in India at IndiBet.

How do I deposit money into online betting apps?

Indian players can deposit money into online betting apps using a number of different payment methods, including:

  • UPI (Net Banking)
  • Paytm
  • Phone Pe
  • Google pay
  • Astropay
  • Bitcoin
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller, etc.

Which football betting apps offer free bets?

Many football betting apps offer free bets. They are available for Android and iOS devices. Here are some of the apps Football Betting App Free Bets that we recommend:

  • IndiBet
  • Orbit Exchange
  • Bet Football
  • BFB 247

Why are football betting apps not available on the Google Play Store?

Google’s policy against online casinos and gambling products is the reason why most football betting apps are not available on the Play Store. As per the policy, if an app published on the Google play store directs its customers to an external website that operates gambling tournaments and allows people to bet with real money, it is considered a policy violation.

Which app is best for cricket betting?

There are a lot of betting apps around cricket betting that offer live streaming, quick transactions, and attractive joining bonuses. Here are our top 2 recommendations for cricket betting apps:

  • IndiBet
  • Orbit Exchange

Can you buy lottery tickets on betting apps?

Yes, some betting apps offer lottery tickets for a wide range of international lotteries. Check out this list of the best lottery apps for Indian players that allow real-money gambling.

Is there an application to track football bets?

IndiBet and Orbit Exchange are the leading sports bet tracker application used by both new punters and sharps that syncs with players’ sports books & automatically tracks all their bets! The app uses book sync technology to link with all of the players’ sportsbooks and automatically track their football bets.

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