How To Bet Online On IPL: What Is IPL Betting? 2023

How To Bet Online On IPL And What Is IPL Betting: Hello, welcome to our site. Today we’ll tell you, what is IPL betting?, and How to bet on IPL.

When the British brought cricket to our country, they did not know that one day we would surpass them too. Today the cricket team of India is one of the good cricket teams in the world.

And it has many fans and players in India. Here its craze is different. You will find children playing cricket in every street. People sit and watch the match night after night and many people also earn money with the help of this.

Money can be earned from cricket in many ways, by making a team on Dream11, on Mpl, on Winzo, and also by winning the lottery in Ipl satta.

Many people invest money in IPL Betting through online websites. And of course, the winner gets a big cash prize.

If you enjoy the article then do share it with your friends. Let’s know what is IPL betting?, and How to bet on IPL?

What Is IPL Betting?

Ipl satta is a system in which a person bets money by making a correct guess and wins a cash prize if the bet turns out to be correct.

In this, we guess who will be the winner, who’ll win the toss, who will be the top player, etc.

It is very important to have information to bet on it. It is said, “Half-incomplete information is always disastrous.”

Therefore the player’s record of previous win-loss of a team, who’ll be bowling, batting, all these details should be kept in advance.

Actually betting satta is not a guessing game but a game of maths and statistics.

How To Bet Online On IPL?

To apply satta in IPL, first of all, you need to know the language of satta. People talk to each other in code and if we know what they are talking about then it becomes easier to bet.

Ways Of How To Bet Online On IPL:

1. Choose An Online Site:

  • IndiBet
  • Orbit Exchange
  • 1×Bet
  • dafabet
  • spin palace

You will find many less reliable online satta websites like IndiBet and Orbit Exchange on the internet where you can win money by placing online bets. But it is up to you to check which of those websites is correct and trustworthy.

Among them, you also have to see in which you get more bonus and in which you get more facilities.


  • There are many payment options for money withdrawal and deposit.
  • In which Indian currency is accepted.
  • In which you get a betting option as per your wish.

You will get different bonuses on different websites. Rs.10,000 on some Rs.10,000 on some Rs. 20,000 and some at Rs. 7500. As-

A. IndiBet


  • Best for IPL satta in India
  • Its also IPL satta app
  • There are many options to deposit
  • Betting options are plentiful
  • Get special bonuses and promotions during IPL
  • Easy to use

B. Orbit Exchange:


  • This is a traditional betting site and is suitable for IPL bets
  • A good IPL satta app for beginners
  • There are many promotions for the customer
  • Good welcome bonus

C. Casumo


  • A very trusted IPL satta online website
  • There are many options for IPL betting
  • Can withdraw money quickly
  • have good promotions


  • Can be improved on this sportsbook
  • Their welcome offer is to Bet Rs.1000 and get Rs.3000 free bet.

D. fun88


  • There are many bonuses for betting
  • Professional app for mobile betting
  • There are many options for filling money


  • The website of this betting site is not very good
  • Their welcome offer is 100% up to Rs.10,000.

In this, IndiBet and Orbit Exchange apps have been considered the best. Because many options will be available for money transactions on them. Apart from this, many bonuses and promotions are available to them from time to time.

2. Is Satta/Betting Legal In India?

This question definitely comes into everyone’s mind the IPL satta in which money is put at stake is legal in India or not?

So let me tell you that it is completely legal in India, but it has some conditions, following which you can win by betting money in a safe way.

Although there are only a few rules for online gambling in India, you can be completely safe by meeting these requirements.

An online satta website should be from outside India so that it can be considered legal in India.

Indian rupees should run on that website.

All you have to do is follow these two conditions. According to the first condition, I have given you the name of all those websites below which are legal in India. These are-

  • IndiBet
  • Orbit Exchange
  • Casumo
  • fun88
  • bet365

According to Indian law, gambling, and betting were made illegal in the Public Gambling Act of 1867. But people can play the lottery.

In today’s time, this law is completely applicable in only a few states because skill-based games have come in many states on which betting is done. Most Indian websites run betting websites in the name of lottery.

I do not promote betting because I know about its disadvantages. It’s your choice to play or not to play.

3. Deposit Money:

When you have chosen your IPL satta website then it is time to deposit money in it. Nowadays you can deposit money online in many ways.


  • Netbanking, VISA
  • Paytm
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe
  • UPI
  • Cryptocurrency
  • AstroPay Card
  • MasterCard

Each of these methods is good, someone is more advanced than the other. I would suggest you use UPI which is safe and makes payment faster.

4. Claim Bonus:

When you deposit money on the website then it is time to take advantage of its bonus and promotion. On most of the sites, you will get a welcome bonus which can help you to double your money.

This means you can bet twice as much money on your satta. Nothing can be better than this. During the IPL season, you’ll get to see exciting offers on every site.

Before claiming a bonus, you should also read the rules of that site because that site will not allow you to withdraw/withdraw bonus money directly. But you can invest that money in satta.

5. Place IPL Bet:

Now, this is your final step. You have to bet in IPL satta after depositing money and claiming the bonus.

You will find the betting market on every site, which will look almost the same on every site and its rules will also be the same.

If you want to win more money then you should place different bets like-

  • Toss winner
  • Match winner
  • Total wickets
  • Players’ performance
  • Top batsmen
  • Top bowlers
  • Total Runs in 1st over
  • Total Fours / Sixes
  • Man Of The Match

Follow these steps to place a bet-

  • Deposit money, and claim bonus.
  • Go to the cricket option in Sportsbook and click on IPL. After this satta bazaar will open.
  • Now select the match in it.
  • Then choose a bet, which bet you want to place.
  • Then estimate that bet. This estimate will be added to your right side.
  • Now fill in the amount of your money, and how much money you would like to invest in a bet.
  • Click on “Confirm” or “bet”.

You just bet and if you win, you know what to do, withdraw your money and enjoy. Below you will find some tips that will make it easier to bet.

Crucial Tips For Betting On IPL:

Play with your mind- Sometimes confusion can increase in your mind after seeing your favorite player or team, but you have to work with your mind.

Stay within the budget – One should always put only one foot in the water, and should not jump from both. So invest your money a little more slowly.

Multiple accounts- The best trick is to bet on different options of the same bet from multiple accounts. One or the other will definitely win. And choose only those bets which cost less money but the amount of winning is more.

Do Research- If you have a lot of information, then you must know what is the habit of a player and a team. You can understand by looking at the pattern that has been going on for the last few years, whose chances of winning are more.

Be serious – betting money is no child’s play. That’s why you should not do intoxication, alcohol, or luxury with it. If you do this seriously then only you will be able to get some benefits.

Conclusion (How To Bet Online On IPL):

I hope you got to learn a lot from this and understand what is IPL betting?, and How to bet on IPL. If you liked this article, then you will definitely share it with your friends.

Today we learned- what is IPL betting?, and how to bet on IPL, the IPL satta app How was your experience, you can share it in the comment box below.

And if you have any doubts or problems, then you can ask me in the comment box below or email me. I will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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