How To Earn Money From IPL? 2023

How To Earn Money From IPL?: The new season of IPL is about to start and today we will know how to earn money from IPL 2023. 3 ways to earn money from IPL?

You will know here so if you want to earn money from IPL (Indian Premier League), keep reading this article with us.

You know that the Indian Premier League is the biggest cricket league in the world. IPL is held in India every year in the month of April and May.

India and foreign players participate in this big league of cricket. Let us tell you that you can also use Facebook or Thop TV app to watch IPL for free. Without delay, let us move toward today’s main article:

How To Earn Money From IPL?

Method 1: 05+ Fantasy Cricket Apps To Earn Money From IPL

These days fantasy cricket applications are on trend. If you are interested in cricket and have a strong understanding of One Day, T20, IPL, and Test series.

So you can earn money every day by playing games in the fantasy cricket app. Let’s first know which are those fantasy cricket apps

1. Dream11:

Dream 11 is the most popular fantasy cricket app in the world. This app has more than 2 million users who play as players in this app if you use your cricket skills better than like these you can win lakhs of rupees.

2. My 11 Circle:

My11Circle Cricket Fantasy App is available in four different Indian languages. As a result, this app has started gaining a lot of popularity among Indian online cricket players.

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly is the brand ambassador of the My11Circle app.

This fantasy app has more than 50 lakh users. The My11Circle app provides various ways to earn money for all online cricket lovers.

The app already has a variety of contests that you can participate in and win money!

3. Howzat

Howzat is a new fantasy app that was launched in 2019 this application has gained popularity fast as compared to other apps.

The Howzat app is also a good option for those who want to make good use of their sports knowledge and skills to earn money online.

4. MPL

MPL is one of the best online games to earn money apps which helps you to earn money by playing different types of games as well as fantasy cricket games.

This is one of the most famous apps in India Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has also endorsed this app.

This fantasy app has a feature called Super Team, with the help of which you can join recent cricket matches. Create your own team and play in a fantasy cricket tournament to win real money.

5. Nostra Pro

Nostra Pro is a bit different than other applications and is an excellent app. Instead of picking an 11-man squad, you have to guess who will win the match, score the most runs, or take the most wickets.

These types of questions are asked in the app and each correct answer earns points For each correct answer you will get real money which you can get into your account

6. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games, which was launched a few years back, also caters to cricket fantasy. This app has been advertised by Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of Cricket.

It can be guessed from the name of this app that it has been made by Paytm, in this, you will get to see different types of games.

Here, also you can play by making your own team and also you can earn money by referring your friends.

How To Earn Money From IPL By Playing Games?

In any fantasy cricket app, first of all, you have to sign up and become a member, in most applications you do not have to pay any charge to join.

After you sign up you have to create your team before the match starts and then you have to predict how each player will perform.

You can win money if you guess correctly in the game. You can also see some different features in all the applications.

Method 2: Earn Money From Cricket Knowledge

If you want to earn money from IPL then you can earn money by writing articles in two ways. You can write posts related to IPL for other bloggers.

Apart from this, you can earn money during IPL by creating your own blog on IPL topics and writing articles about IPL on your own blog.

If you are new to the online world, then it is easy for you that you can easily earn money by writing articles for other blogs. box

To earn money from articles related to IPL, you must first find such a website. To find such websites which write posts related to IPL, you can search IPL-related queries in Google.

Method 3: Earn Money By Uploading IPL Videos On Youtube 

If you enjoy editing videos, then you can create a YouTube channel related to IPL and put the highlights of the matches played during IPL on your YouTube channel.

And can earn money online During IPL, there is a possibility of a huge number of views on the YouTube channel because a large number of people like to watch IPL videos.

So, in this article, you have come to know how to earn money from IPL 2023. Still, if this article has proved useful, then do not forget to share it on social media.

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