IPL Vs PSL: Most Richest League Between Indian Premier League And Pakistan Super League

IPL Vs PSL | Most Richest League Between Indian Premier League And Pakistan Super League: In this fast-paced life, everything has become fast. Everything from food to entertainment is changing very fast.

On the same side, cricket also had to change its original form. And thus was born T20, the shorter format of cricket. The one who made a splash in the world as soon as he came and made cricket lovers crazy about him.

India’s T20 Indian Premier League started along the lines of the football league. Seeing which countries had also started their own leagues.

Australia’s Big Bash League, South Africa’s Mansi Super League, Bangladesh’s Bangladesh Premier League, West Indies Caribbean Premier League, and Pakistan’s Pakistan Super League are among them.

This league earns a lot of money from its organizers. But the most famous of these is the Indian Premier League and the Pakistan Super League. (IPL Vs PSL)

In such a situation, it is bound to come to your mind what are the differences between Indian Premier League and Pakistan Super League?

In today’s article, we will discuss the difference between Indian Premier League and Pakistan Super League. And which is the most successful league out of these? So let’s move on to today’s main topic:

Richest League Between Indian Premier League And Pakistan Super League (IPL Vs PSL)

IPL is a big tournament in which around 60+ matches are played, which lasts for almost two whole months. On the other hand, around 34 matches are played in PSL, which lasts for almost a month.

A season of IPL is played in at least 12-13 stadiums, while PSL is limited to only 2-3 stadiums. According to the news, last year PSL was played in only 2 stadiums.

During the matches of IPL, there is a huge crowd in the stadium, all the stadiums are fully packed, whereas, in the matches of PSL, hardly people go to watch. Broadcast of IPL is also done in more countries than PSL and their viewership is also manifold.

Foreign players play in IPL as well as in PSL, the only difference is that most of the foreign players in PSL have either retired or are not permanent members of their country’s team.

Whereas, star players of all the countries’ teams are involved in IPL, in return for which IPL pays them a hefty fee. Some players take up to 10 crores. While a PSL team comes for this much money.

Prize money in IPL is also many times more than in PSL. The biggest reason for this is the sponsors investing money in it. A lot of money rains in IPL from the sponsor.

BCCI earns around 5,000 crores from broadcasting rights alone. To earn this much money, PSL will have to do 3-4 seasons. (IPL Vs PSL)

It is generally seen that foreign players playing in Pakistan Super League play Pakistan Super League for many times less money than Indian Premier League.

If both the leagues are compared, Pakistan Super League started with five teams, in which one more team has been added in seven years. Currently, 6 teams play in PSL.

While the Indian Premier League (IPL) started with 8 teams. Now the number of IPL teams has reached 10. There is also a huge difference in the number of matches between the two leagues.

PSL started with 24 matches, in which now the number of matches has increased to 34. Where the IPL started with 62 matches, now this number has reached 74. (IPL Vs PSL)

If we talk about the budget of PSL and IPL, then there is a lot of difference between the budget of both leagues. At the time of PSL’s launch in 2016, the league’s budget for the first three years was Rs 54 crore.

While the budget of PSL was two billion 14 crores from the year 2019 to 2021, after the increase in the budget in the year 2022, the budget of PSL has increased to more than three billion 90 crores.

On the other hand, the initial edition of the Indian Premier League had a budget of around Rs 3000 crores. While according to Financial Express, the budget of IPL in its sixteenth season has reached around Rs 12 thousand crores.

While the budget of IPL for the next five years is around 60 thousand crores. Since the Indian Premier League is a big-budget league and the teams playing in it belong to India’s big business companies and individuals, the money and glitz in it are many times more than that of the PSL.

Since its inception in 2008, the most expensive players in the IPL have been bought in crores and the total amount paid to each player exceeds the amount paid to entire teams in other leagues.

Salaries Paid To Most Expensive Players Of IPL Vs PSL:

  • The most expensive player in the 2008 IPL was former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who was bought for Rs 9.5 crore.
  • The most expensive player sold in 2009, England batsman Kevin Pietersen and all-rounder Andrew Flintoff were bought for Rs 9.8 crore this year.
  • In 2010, two players once again shared the distinction of being the most expensive players in the IPL. Shane Bond of New Zealand and Kieron Pollard of West Indies were sold for 4.8 crores this year.
  • Question: In 2011, former India opener Gautam Gambhir was sold for around Rs 15 crore, making him the first player to achieve the unique distinction of being bought for over Rs 10 crore in the IPL.
  • In 2012, Ravindra Jadeja was sold for Rs 12.8 crore.
  • In 2013, Glenn Maxwell was sold for Rs 6.3 crore.
  • In 2014 and 2015, Yuvraj Singh was sold for Rs 14 crore and Rs 16 crore respectively.
  • In 2016, Australian all-rounder Shane Watson was sold for Rs 9.5 crore in the IPL, while in the same year when he played in the PSL, he was paid $200,000 (around Rs 23 million).
  • England all-rounder Ben Stokes was sold for 14.5 crores in 2017 and 12.5 crores in 2018.
  • In 2019, relatively new names Jaydev Unadkat and Varun Chakraborty were bid for Rs 8.4 crore.
  • In 2020, Australian captain Pat Cummins was sold for Rs 15.5 crore while in 2021, Chris Morris got a bid of Rs 16.25 crore.
  • In 2021, Indian batsman Ishan Kishan was sold for Rs 15.25 crore, while the highest bid for this year’s IPL was England bowler Sam Karan, who was sold for Rs 18.5 crore. (IPL Vs PSL)

Price Of Expensive Players Of PSL:

From the first season of PSL, instead of bidding individually, players were divided into categories, and players from each category were selected for the maximum amount to be part of a specific category.

In the year 2016, the players who were a part of PSL were divided into five categories. These categories included Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Emerging.

According to these categories, players included in the Platinum category were given Rs 20 lakh, players included in Diamond Rs 70 lakh, Gold Rs 50 lakh, Silver Rs 30 lakh, and Rs 20 lakh.

However, with the passage of time, this amount increased. This year, a price cap of $170,000 has been allotted for the players included in the platinum category.

A limit of $85,000 has been set for the diamond category, while a price limit of $50,000 has been introduced for gold.

Pakistan team captains Babar Azam, Shadab Khan, Rashid Khan, Tom Benton, Chris Lane, and Hasan Ali are the most expensive players in APSL.

All these players will get four crores of 8 Pakistani rupees for playing in this year’s PSL season. While Riley Russo and David Miller of South Africa will get $150,000 and $130,000 respectively.

There is also a difference of more than ten times in the budget of the teams involved in both leagues. While on one hand, the budget of a team in PSL is 7 crore 75 lakhs, on the other hand, the budget of a team in IPL is 90 crores.

This comparison will continue during this month’s PSL and next month’s IPL, but the most important difference between the two leagues will be the quality of cricket and only cricket. (IPL Vs PSL)

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