Top 10 Money-Making Games List? 2023 Best Games

Top 10 Money-Making Games List?: Often people play games on mobile to pass the time, but some people think out of the box and want to earn while playing the game.

So we have already given you a money-making ludo game. And told about the top 18 Apps to earn Paytm cash.

And today we will know about those 10 games which are giving you a chance to earn money by playing games. So let’s know one by one.

Top 10 Money-Making Games List?

Apps in which you not only get a chance to enjoy playing games but also are given money for playing well. Such apps are known as money-making apps. Often people also know them by the name of the best money-winning game.

Most of such apps that claim to give you money to play games are PAID i.e. you have to add some money from your side to play games in them, while most of them are free!

  1. Ludo Supreme

This Ludo game has been played for a long time in India in every household, usually as time pass. And it is played even today but now you can earn good money by playing Ludo online.

If the dice of Ludo has been kind to you, and you have the guts to beat anyone in the Ludo game, then Ludo Supreme is an app where you can win online matches with players from across the country.

For this, first, you have to download this App from the Ludo Supreme website. Then you have to register for that.

And then you will see many small and big tournaments of Ludo on the screen. In which you can participate and play. Read this article for more information.

  1. Rummy Circle

Today more than 30 lakh people have installed the Rummy circle app to earn money through mobile by playing Rummy sitting at home.

Rummy circle is a trusted gaming app. In which you play rummy with other players online, there are many tournaments in the app, and whatever tournament you win by playing, that money is transferred to your bank account.

If you also know how to play rummy and want to try your skills in this game, then you can download the Rummy circle money-making app from

Let us tell you that on installing this app for the first time, you get a bonus of up to ₹ 2,000.

  1. IndiBet

IndiBet is a gaming platform where you can earn money by playing more than 50 games online. Here you get to play both simple and challenging games.

Here you can earn good money by participating in fantasy matches ranging from Ludo, and Rummy to live cricket, football, etc., and making your winning team.

This game is one of the top gaming apps in India. Which is sponsored by IPL team royal challengers Bangalore, you can search on Google to download the game and for more information about it.

  1. Carrom Clash

Nowadays many such carrom games have come which give the fun of playing carrom online like offline. But this app called Carrom Clash is now giving you a great opportunity to play carrom as well as earn money sitting at home online.

Carrom clash is an online multiplayer game, in which you can earn daily Paytm cash by playing carrom with your friends or unknown people daily.

If you want to earn more from carrom clash, then you have to be on top of the leaderboard. And also you have to participate in big rooms, here the more you win the match by participating in bigger rooms, the more chances of earning.

Not only this, but you can also earn by referring this game to your friends.

  1. Dream 11

When it comes to earning money by playing games on mobile, then how can Dream 11 be removed from this list? Today many people have become millionaires by using India’s biggest Fantasy Gaming App dream11.

Since this app is only for cricket lovers and those who have an interest in cricket. That’s why we have put it down on the list a little bit.

To earn money from Dream 11, you have to first install the app and register. Then to earn money you have to make your best team before a live match, if your team performs better then you get its best name.

Looking at the reviews and popularity of this app, it is known that this is the best platform in India to earn money to test your cricket knowledge.

  1. Zupee Gold

If your General Knowledge is a little good, then you can earn well with the help of the Zupee Gold App from your mobile by answering some simple questions.

Here, you have many topics to answer the questions and if you win by participating in any of the many tournaments.

So you get your money directly in your Paytm, bank account.

  1. Paytm’s First Game

In view of the continuous growth in the gaming industry, Paytm launched its own gaming platform called Paytm First Game last year.

Here you can earn online by winning the match by playing your favorite game from more than 300 games like Cricket Ludo etc.

Because this is Paytm’s own product, so here the amount won by you is also transferred to your Paytm wallet. We have already given you the full guide to earning money from Paytm.

  1. Loco (Money-Making Games)

An interesting application to earn money while playing games is available in India, in Loco you can earn in two ways. First, you can play games, second, you can earn by watching streaming of popular games like free fire, PUBG, and call of duty.

To earn money in the game, the app has to be installed first. And after signing up, you will see many games on the screen.

Select the game you want to play and earn. Here you can play both single and multiplayer games. That’s why Loco says it is India’s own gaming platform.

  1. My11 Circle

Former cricketer Sourav Ganguly is seen advertising this app says if you consider yourself a champ. So you can defeat me by coming to my11circle.

If you are also interested in cricket, but you could never go to cricket, then this app will help you to earn good money sitting at home online on the basis of your knowledge.

Just like Dream11, you have to prepare your winning team for this. Before preparing the team, you need to do good research, only then you will be able to select better players and win.

  1. Khel Play Rummy (Money-Making Games)

It is specially designed for rummy players, by installing this app, users can create an account here for free. And by adding money to the Khelplay Rummy wallet, you can earn by playing Rummy online with that money and winning the match.

KhelPlay Rummy claims this app will give you a 200% bonus on your first deposit. Today millions of people in India are earning online by playing games in this app.

FAQ – Money-Making Games

Do we really get money from Gaming apps?

The truth is that most of the apps that claim to earn money by playing games in the market are fake. And you don’t get anything for playing games there.

Although some such fantasy apps have definitely come in the past, like Dream11, here you actually get the money for the game you play, which goes directly to your account.

So before installing any gaming app in this way, do check its reviews.

Which is the game to win money (Money-Making Games)?

There are many apps available to earn money by playing games on mobile, including apps like MPL, dream11, and Paytm first game.

These apps give money to mobile users to play games, although in some apps you may have to pay some money first to win money.

Which is the game from which you can earn money?

Dream11 is such a gaming application, in which if you make correct predictions, you can win real cash, and get your money directly into your account.

Today millions of people are earning online in India from dream11, so you can also take advantage of this application.

Which game makes the most money (Money-Making Games)?

How free fire played in India earns crores of rupees daily. In fact, the main objective of these companies making gaming apps is to entertain people through these games as well as to earn profit from them.

That’s why the applications that are downloaded the most and people who like to play the most are often the ones that earn the most.

How to earn money online by playing games?

You can earn money by playing online games today in the following steps.

  • First, download any gaming app that gives money to play games
  • Then participate in the tournaments given in the gaming app.
  • Do your best in the game.
  • And then earn money by getting rewards.

How much money can be earned by playing games?

You’re earning by playing games depending on which game, which tournament, and which app you are using.

If you play Dream11 and win by participating in a big tournament, then you can earn lakhs whereas, in some other app, your earning is very less.

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