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What Is American Football?

American football is a popular sport played between two teams of eleven players in which the objective of each team is to score points by getting the ball into the other team’s “End Zone”.

The team that has possession of the ball tries to advance it to the opposing team’s endzone by running with the ball or by passing the ball to each other.

If a player of that team crosses the goal line holding the ball and reaches the opposing endzone or successfully catches a ball thrown by his teammate while standing inside the endzone.

Or if he kicks the ball between the two pillars behind the goal line from the field, then his team gets points.

It is the job of the opposing team to somehow gain possession of the ball by hitting, knocking it down, intercepting the thrown ball, or preventing the opposing team from advancing towards their own team’s endzone.

American football is played mostly in the United States and Canada. The organization that controls its sport on a commercial level is the “National Football League” (NFL).

There are two main forms of the game in the United States, college football and professional football, each with slightly different rules. Football is also played in the higher classes of schools and its rules are also slightly different.

Field And Players:

The playing field is 100 yards (yards) long and 53.3 yards wide. There is a goal line on both sides of the length of the field, in front of which there are endzones of ten yards each, which means the total length of the field is 120 yards.

Every five yards in the field there is a line called the yard line. At the end of each endzone, there are two posts at a height of 10 feet from the ground, which are called “goalposts”.

Each team can have 11 players on the field at any time, but teams have the right to substitute any or all of their players at any interval of play.

That’s why football is a game of specialist players. There are actually many players on any team, which are divided into three types: offensive players, defensive players, and special players.

Some players are kept in teams only so that they can be put in their place if a player of their own skill gets injured. In most of the matches, many players of any team do not get a chance to enter the field.

The team in possession of the ball is called the “offense” and the team that does not is called the “defense”. The most important player on the offensive team is called the ‘quarterback’.

When a quarterback plays, his job is to quickly scan the field to determine which player on the offensive team is in the best position to advance the ball to the defensive team’s endzone.

The quarterback then throws the ball to him or tries to pass the ball by running himself.

Playing Time:

The full playing time is one hour, which is divided into four 15-minute quarters. After the second quarter (i.e. at half-time of the game) there is a 12-minute intermission.

Many times during play the ball stops and then the game clock is also stopped. A 15-minute quarter of this may actually take more than 45 minutes, and a full one-hour play may actually last more than three hours.

When the game is televised, the broadcasters run commercials during these intervals.

Rise Of Aggressors:

At the beginning of the match, a coin is tossed and one team is declared as the attacking team and given to them the ball.

Now on the line of 50 yards (i.e. right in the middle of the field), both the teams stand face to face by making lines to face each other.

The quarterback of the offensive team stands behind his team. The atmosphere is just such that two groups are getting ready for war.

The play begins when the ball reaches the offensive quarterback’s hands. Immediately the players of the guard team reach it and start trying to demolish it.

Some offensive players try to stop them by tackling them, while other offensive players try to get into the opponent’s territory to put themselves in a good position to pass the ball.

The quarterback has only a few moments to decide: throw the ball to a teammate or run to find a way on his own. In a matter of seconds, the offensive players guarding him are tackled or pushed to the quarterback by the defenders tackling him.

If the ball is in the quarterback’s hands and he is tackled, it is called a “sack” and is considered very embarrassing for any quarterback. Getting sacked more often means the quarterback hasn’t been able to think between scrimmages: he’s weak and unable to lead the offensive.

Whether the quarterback throws the ball to someone or carries it himself, defenders usually bring down the offensive player with the ball at a short distance and the ball is intercepted. This position is called down.

The offense’s job is to move the ball at least 10 yards in 4 downs. If they fail to do so, possession of the ball is given to the defenders and the defenders now become the attackers and the offensive defenders.

Possession of the ball can also change if an offensive player loses the ball while playing and a defender catches the moving ball (called a fumble or “fumble”) or if the quarterback throws the ball to another offensive player.

In the event of a fumble or interception, the defender in possession of the ball may begin running immediately toward the opponent’s endzone and continue running until he is tackled, pushed off the field, or not score points for your team by reaching the endzone.

When the ball stops, it is carefully measured as to which yard it is on the 100-yard field. The next game is started on the same yardage in the center of the field. This spot is called the “line of scrimmage”.

As stated, the offensive team’s goal is to move the ball 10 yards in four or fewer downs. Let’s say they move the ball 10 yards in two downs.

So they are said to have a first down again and must again move the ball 10 yards on four downs from this new scrimmage line.

This continues until the offensive defenders reach the endzone or make a mistake giving possession of the ball to the opponent.

The players are also changed in the game which is interrupted due to a change of possession. Many offensive players are skilled at running and catching the ball and often have light bodies.

Many defenders are bulky and if they make a tackle or tackle, they are difficult to pick up for most offensive-special players.

A good offensive tackle is one who can catch the ball thrown by the quarterback without making mistakes and who can run the ball deep into enemy territory while dodging rushing defenders.

Some attackers’ job is to fight with defenders so that other offensive players can carry the ball. Their name is “Offensive Tackle”.

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