How To Do Online Cricket Betting In India? 2023

How To Do Online Cricket Betting In India?: Nowadays the demand for online cricket betting in India is increasing day by day. This is because online means you can bet from anywhere and at any time.

Cricket betting has yet to be legalized in India, so punters who call and bet do this work by avoiding people.

However, many Indian bookmakers now offer online cricket betting, where you can place bets on the betting exchange yourself.

In this article, we will tell you, How To Do Online Cricket Betting In India.

How To Do Online Cricket Betting In India? 

Due to the non-legality of cricket betting in India, it is illegal to set up a bookmaker office here, which is why online cricket betting is given more importance.

However, only foreign bookmakers can operate here without any inconvenience, while Indian bookmakers are not allowed to use it.

But still, in the gray market, many Indian bookmakers provide online cricket betting facilities to their customers. There are a number of bookies operating nationally such as Orbit Exchange and IndiBet.

However, many people in India are scared of betting with an online bookmaker because of the fear of getting scammed.

Bookmakers like Orbit Exchange and IndiBet have been operating in the gray market for years and remain punters’ trusted confidants.

This Indian bookmaker provides betting IDs to its customers and also pays out winnings from time to time. You must contact their team and send the money to get the balance credited to your ID.

Balance is credited to your ID within minutes after you send money.

How To Bet Online In India With Orbit Exchange And IndiBet?

To bet online with Orbit Exchange and IndiBet in India, the first thing you need to do is to visit their website and get their contact details.

How to bet online on Orbit Exchange and IndiBet website? Detailed information has been given about this. We are going to tell you the same information here. On the website of Orbit Exchange and IndiBet, you are given many links, after clicking on which you can directly contact brokers and create your account.

You can get your betting ID made by contacting the brokers. For this, they will ask you for your name and then create your ID.

You have to add a balance to your betting account in order to bet. For this, you have to pay money. You provide the facility of sending money through internet banking, UPI, etc., or directly to the bank account.

As soon as you send money to the betting account, shortly after that you will get a betting ID and a link to the website of the betting exchange will also be sent.

By opening the website of Orbit Exchange and IndiBet in your web browser, you can log in with your Betting ID. (How To Do Online Cricket Betting)

After logging in, the betting exchange will open on your screen and you will also see the information on all the upcoming matches.

During the match, you can bet online on the markets available on Orbit Exchange and IndiBet sites. You can only bet up to the amount available in your betting account balance.

If you want to withdraw your winning amount, you have to provide details related to the withdrawal amount and payment from the ID wallet. Shortly after this money will be sent to you by Orbit Exchange and IndiBet.

Orbit Exchange and IndiBet can also send you money immediately after the match is over, however, you can only take money from them during the match or once the bet is settled.

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