What Is Mean Betting Exchange? 2023

There was a time when very few people used to bet. The main reason behind this was that the betting information was very limited and due to the lack of correct information many people were afraid of betting.

But, ever since the betting process has gone online, more and more people are joining online betting. According to a recent report, only 40% of smartphone users in India do online betting. From this report, you can get an idea of how the craze of Online Betting Exchanges is affecting people.

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In this article, we are going to know what a is Betting Exchange and other important things related to it. So without wasting any time let us move to the main article:

What Is A Betting Exchange?

Orbit Exchange Account
Orbit Exchange Account

A Betting Exchange is a platform or marketplace that allows individuals to bet against each other rather than against a traditional bookmaker or sportsbook.

In a traditional sportsbook, a bookmaker sets the odds and accepts bets from customers, effectively taking the opposite side of the bet.

In contrast, a betting exchange acts as an intermediary that matches bettors who have opposing views on the outcome of a sporting event.

Here’s how a betting exchange typically works:

  • User Registration: Users sign up for an account on the exchange platform.
  • Selection of Markets: Users choose the sports or events they want to bet on. Betting exchanges offer a wide range of sports and markets, including football, horse racing, tennis, and more.
  • Placing Bets: Users can either back (bet on the event to occur) or lay (bet against the event happening) a particular outcome. When a user backs an outcome, they are essentially taking on the role of the traditional bettor. When a user lays an outcome, they are acting like the bookmaker, offering odds for other users to bet against.
  • Matching Bets: The exchange platform matches bets from users who have opposing views. For example, if User A wants to back Team A to win a football match and User B wants to lay Team A (betting on Team A not to win), the platform matches these two bets.
  • Commission: Betting exchanges typically charge a commission on net winnings, which is how they generate revenue. This commission is usually a small percentage of the winning bets.
  • In-Play Betting: Many betting exchanges also offer in-play or live betting, allowing users to place bets on ongoing events.

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Features Of A Betting Exchange:

Orbit Exchange Brokers And Reviews
Orbit Exchange Brokers And Reviews

There are 3 main features of a Betting Exchange, this is:

Back bet

Back Betting guides to being in favor of a particular effect only. For instance, if punters bet on Mumbai Indians winning a match against Chennai Super Kings. Punters will win the online bet only if Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings. Punters will stand nothing to lose should Chennai Super Kings beat Mumbai Indians.

Lay bet

Lay Bet is the opposite of a Back Bet. When the punter places an online bet the outcome to not occur. It’s known as Lay betting. For instance, if a punter bets that Mumbai Indians will not defeat Chennai Super Kings, the Punter will only beat the online bet if Chennai Super Kings wins or the match is over in a draw. 

In-play bet

It refers to online bets made in real time. In-play bets can occur when a match is in progress. In-play bet takes place in popular sports like cricket, tennis, football, basketball, and others.

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Advantages Of Betting Exchange

How To Bet On IPL 2023
How To Bet On IPL 2023

1. Better Odds: Because users set the odds on a betting exchange, you can often find better odds compared to traditional sportsbooks.

2. No Betting Limits: Betting exchanges generally don’t impose betting limits, so users can bet as much as they want (provided there are matching bets available).

3. Trading Opportunities: Some users use betting exchanges for trading purposes, taking advantage of price movements in the odds to profit regardless of the outcome.

4. Transparency: Betting exchanges provide transparency by displaying the available odds and the amount of money matched on each market.

5. Arbitrage Opportunities: Skilled bettors can sometimes find arbitrage opportunities, where they can bet on all possible outcomes and guarantee a profit.


1. What Is Betting Exchange?

Ans. Betting Exchange eliminates the essentials for bookmakers and gives independence to panters. Betting Exchange also enables punters to make their odds and online bets markets and hence increases the chances of winning bets.

2. Is Betting Exchange Legal In India? 

Ans. If a Betting exchange accepts the Indian Rupee and is located outside India, then that Betting exchange is legal in India.

3. Difference Between Betting Exchanges And Bookmakers?

Ans. Punters have been placing bets with the bookmaker for a long time. Typically, a single individual or organization bookmaker accepts and pays out bets on sports with their own money based on the odds they provide. On the other hand, in Betting Exchange, punters do not need bookmakers to place bets. He is free to place bets of his choice.

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