KKR Hit Back At Mohun Bagan’s Allegations In IPL 2023, Gave A Befitting Reply

KKR Hit Back At Mohun Bagan’s Allegations In IPL 2023, Gave A Befitting Reply:

KKR Replied to Mohun Bagan’s Accusations: Recently a match was played between KKR and Lucknow Super Giants at the Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata.

Mohun Bagan’s Allegations

In this, Kolkata’s football club Mohun Bagan was given a tribute from Lucknow on the completion of 100 years. Lucknow wore green and maroon-colored jerseys. The club accused KKR of a lack of management.

Mohun Bagan was told that our fans were not allowed into the stadium as they were in club jerseys. It was alleged on social media that the management of KKR was not good. After this, there has been a counterattack from the side of the franchise as well.

KKR said that we have nothing to do with crowd management in the stadium. We were told that some people had come there and tried to do ambush marketing. It was stopped by the Anti Ambush Marketing team as per IPL policy.

IPL 2023

Kolkata Knight Riders also said that misleading news is coming out asking to stop the fans. KKR would like to thank all the fans for keeping the stadium full house in every match. We are one of the teams with the most fans, never disrespect anyone.

Earlier it was said from Mohun Bagan’s side that KKR did not allow Mohun Bagan supporters to enter the stadium because they wore club jerseys. Lucknow wore green and maroon jerseys, it was a special match.

Significantly, Lucknow had won a thrilling victory in this match. Lucknow defeated the hosts KKR by 1 run. Due to this win, Lucknow is now in the playoffs. KKR’s team is already out of the playoff race.

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