Why Indian Team Is Not Winning In ICC Events? Ravi Shastri Told This Reason 2023

Why Indian Team Is Not Winning In ICC Events Ravi Shastri Told This Reason 2023? Ravi Shastri on India in ICC Events:

With the defeat against Australia in the final of the World Test Championship, Team India once again remained away from winning the trophy.

Last time also something similar was seen with the Indian team. After this, Rohit Sharma got to hear a lot because of being the captain.

Ravi Shastri On India In ICC Events

Former Indian coach Ravi Shastri has said that blaming any one player or person is not going to help. You will have to make a collective effort to win the big events.

The performance of all the players will come together, and only then can victory be achieved in the finals of big events.

Talking to The Week, Shastri said that I cannot call the Indian team chokers. Both India and Australia are the teams that can win all three World Cups.

It is not that we are already out. We have reached the semi-finals of the World Cup and played in the final as well.

Ravi Shastri said that the reason why we could not win is because it takes collective efforts to win these significant events. You cannot blame any one person or captain for this.

It would be best if you had a century in the final of the World Cup or Test Championship. After that, you can set some scores for the bowlers.

The former Indian coach also said that if you can’t score a century, there should be at least three fifties. Be it Test, ODI cricket, or T20. If you fail to do so, then you are not even entitled to win the tournament.

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