WTC Final 2023: Captain Rohit Sharma injured during practice before Final, threat of being dropped

ICC WTC Final 2023, Rohit Sharma Injury: Fans are very excited about the final match to be played between India and Australia from 7th June.

Now only a few hours are left for this match to start. But just before the final, the Indian team got a piece of bad news.

Rohit Sharma Injury During WTC Final 2023:

WTC Final 2023: Indian captain Rohit Sharma has been injured just before the final match against Australia.

Rohit Sharma got injured:

Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma has been injured before this great match played against Australia.

Rohit Sharma got hurt during practice at The Oval a day before the match. After which he left the ground and went out. Then due to injury, Rohit Sharma did not even come to practice again.

Injuries sustained in practice session:

WTC Final 2023: Earlier against Bangladesh, Rohit Sharma came out to bat with a bandaged thumb. Rohit Sharma has once again suffered a thumb injury.

Rohit’s injury has created an atmosphere of tension in the Indian team. According to media reports, Rohit Sharma’s right thumb has suffered an injury. Due to this he is facing a problem in catching the bat.

Risk of being left out:

After Rohit Sharma’s injury, there is a possibility of his being ruled out of the final match. If this happens then it will be a big blow for Team India.

Rohit Sharma was waiting for a long time to play in the ICC Champions Trophy. But just before the match, this untoward incident happened with the captain.

Photo while taping went viral:

WTC Final 2023: Rohit Sharma currently has his thumb taped. Along with this, the medical team is keeping an eye on him. Will Rohit Sharma play against Australia or not?

Its final decision can be taken before the match itself. Under the captaincy of Rohit, the Indian team defeated Australia in the Test series earlier this year. In such a situation, the team will need its captain the most in the final match.

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