IPL 2023: Saw Son Playing Against MS Dhoni, Dhruv Jurel’s Father Wept After Match

IPL 2023 Saw Son Playing Against MS Dhoni, Dhruv Jurel’s Father Wept After Match:

Every year a player comes into the Indian Premier League who is considered a future star. In this season too, the country has got one such player.

We are talking about Dhruv Jurel, who has proved to the world in very few matches that if he gets a chance, he can rule the cricket world.

IPL 2023

Although Yashasvi Jaiswal’s name is also there in Rajasthan Royals, but Dhruv Jurel has also played his sting.

Jurel, playing only his second season, has proved his mettle as a finisher. Jurel told that their parents are very happy with his performance in this season of IPL

Jurel said in a conversation with IPL T20.com that he is very happy because he has received praise from his father.

Jurel told that his entire family was present in the stadium in the match against Chennai Super Kings in Jaipur. Jurel had scored 34 runs in just 15 balls in that match and the team also won.

Jurel’s father became emotional after seeing his son playing so well. Jurel told that his father told him that you have made his life successful.

Jurel’s mother feels scared

Dhruv Jurel told that whenever he is at bat, his mother does not watch TV. Whenever the ball goes in the air, his mother feels that her son is out.

Although now after the good performance of her son, she has started watching his game.¬† Dhruv Jurel’s parents left no rock unturned to make Dhruv Jurel a cricketer. Dhruv Jurel’s mother sold her gold jewelry to get Dhruv Jurel’s cricket equipment.

Jurel’s dream come true (IPL 2023)

Dhruv Jurel’s role model is MS Dhoni and after the match in Jaipur, he also got a chance to talk to MS Dhoni for 5 minutes. Dhruv Jurel told that it was like his vision and dream come true.

By the way, Jurel has attracted everyone’s attention by performing well in this season. Dhruv Jurel is a right-handed batsman who has scored 132 runs in 8 matches this season.

Jurel’s strike rate is close to 200. Jurel’s small but quick innings have benefited Rajasthan Royals a lot and it is expected that this player will continue to perform like this.

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