Best 7 Free Cricket Live Streaming Sites In India 2023

Best 7 Free Cricket Live Streaming Sites In India: Free live cricket streaming is a relatively new invention, but it has revolutionized online cricket betting for many. If you are planning to bet on cricket action, then you want to be able to watch the match live.

Now, it is possible to bet on matches from around the world, then tune into the stream via your betting account to see if the bet is a winner.

Most of the time, live IPL match streams are available as long as you have a funded account, but we will discuss that later.

Here is the ultimate guide to living streaming cricket on betting sites from India, everything you need to know.

So come, let’s know about Free Cricket Live Streaming Sites In India:

Free Cricket Live Streaming Sites In India:

Live cricket streams are available from various bookies in India – here are some of the Best 7 Free Cricket Live Streaming Sites In India:

  1. IndiBet
  2. Orbit Exchange
  3. bet365
  4. Unibet
  5. dafabet
  6. 1xBet
  7. 10cric

At the top of the list is IndiBet, one of the biggest betting brands in the world. The deep cricket markets make it an attractive option, while there are plenty of streams to choose from.

Last year, IndiBet also had Cricket World Cup matches available through the site’s live-streaming platform.

Unibet is a great option for Indian users with some strong live cricket streaming options. To find sports that have live streams available, look for the Play icon on the sportsbook.

One of the top sportsbooks across Asia, it comes as no surprise that Dafabet excels when it comes to living cricket streaming. Live cricket betting promotions are also often available on the Dafabet site.

Then there is Orbit Exchange, which is particularly strong at live in-play cricket betting. With so many markets to choose from when watching live cricket streams, this makes Orbit Exchange is a great option.

Another chance for online cricket fans looking for the most acceptable live streams is 1xBet, which shows a video icon next to matches where live cricket streams can be accessed. Like the other sites we mentioned, a funded account is required to access the streams.

Last but not least our pick of the top Indian betting sites for live cricket streaming is 10cric. The focus of this site is on the Indian Premier League, so IPL fans should definitely check it out.

How To Stream Cricket Live For Free On Betting Sites?

Finding live cricket streams on the internet is not difficult, but they may not always be the most reliable or secure. This is why live cricket streaming on betting sites is a safer and more reliable option.

To stream cricket through a betting website, the first thing you will need is an account on the site. It should be quick and easy to sign up, with the process usually taking just a few minutes.

Most sites require you to have a funded account in order to access live streams for sports such as cricket. It doesn’t matter how many rupees are there, as long as the account is not empty.

Occasionally, cricket betting sites allow their users to access the live stream only if they have placed a bet on the match in question, but this is quite rare.

Once you have a funded account, you are ready to tune in to free live cricket streams. Most sites will display games that are available to stream through the use of a small play or video icon.

Just click and the stream should automatically appear. On the best betting apps, you will be able to stream live cricket matches on mobile devices as well. 

This means that it doesn’t matter if you are out of home for whatever reason, you can still follow all the latest actions.

Other Ways To Live Stream Cricket Matches In India:

Betting sites are not the only places where it is possible to find live cricket streams in India. Here are some top options for those unable to access the stream through a betting account:

  • Sony Sports Network

Indian subscription video-on-demand streaming service Hotstar is run by Star India and is one of the best ways to find live IPL cricket match streams away from the betting sites mentioned above. 

Games like the Indian Premier League are among the sports available on Hotstar but you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee while betting sites offer these live cricket streams for free!

Another great place to find live cricket streams is, the official website of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. With all the latest scores and news about Indian cricket, is the one-stop shop for all those who have a burning passion for the game.

If you are interested in watching Pakistan Super League (PSL) then you will be able to do so through SonyLIV.

Pros And Cons Of Live Streaming Cricket:

  • Like everything in life, live streaming of cricket matches also has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • One of the major disadvantages is that such streams get delayed. Compared to watching a live telecast of an Indian Premier League game on television, the action on the stream might be a few seconds behind.
  • How big the delay is can depend on the quality of the internet connection you’re using, so streaming isn’t ideal if you want to stay true to date.
  • Those who do not have a Wi-Fi connection can also watch the live streaming of the cricket match, which consumes a lot of mobile data and as a result can prove to be costly.
  • The pros of live cricket streams include that they provide an opportunity to stay up to date with all the action if you are unable to reach television.
  • If you are traveling, live cricket streams on betting websites in India can be the best way to watch the big game.
  • Streaming through a betting site also makes it easy to place a bet while watching the action. All this can be done in one place, placing bets in a matter of seconds. This means that live cricket matches can be made even more exciting by betting on the result.
  • Streaming live cricket action on a mobile device can free up the family television to watch something else. This could be one of the top reasons for many cricket fans to use Stream on their betting website.

System Requirements For Live Cricket Streaming In India

There really aren’t any special system requirements to access the live streams. Most of the time, all cricket fans need to be able to access the stream is a funded betting account and an internet connection.

WiFi will make it easier to stream and avoid the need to rack up potentially expensive data bills on mobile devices used to watch live cricket matches.

Most computers or laptops will also be able to efficiently handle live cricket streams on betting sites. The latest version of Adobe Flash Player may be required, so make sure you have it.

Alternatively, it may be necessary to use an HTML 5 capable browser. This is due to the fact that many betting sites are now turning to HTML 5 as a way of powering their websites.

Sometimes it is easier to use a live cricket betting app to access the many different live streams available. If so, make sure you’ve already downloaded the app. If possible use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data so you have everything you need to watch the live stream.

FAQs (Free Cricket Live Streaming Sites In India)

Is there a delay in live cricket streaming?

Yes, there can often be a slight delay in watching live cricket streaming compared to tuning into the big game in a more traditional way like watching on TV.

The size of the delay depends on a few factors, including the speed and reliability of the Internet connection you’re using.

For this reason, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data when possible to do so. Usually, the delay in streaming live cricket on a betting site will be just a few seconds.

Which are the best live cricket streaming sites?

We have listed some of the best live cricket streaming sites above, including our favorites:

Test them for yourself and decide which of them has the best streams for your needs.

Can live streaming help me win cricket betting?

There are no guaranteed ways to win cricket bets, but live-streaming action can help. If you are planning to place an in-play bet on a big game like an Indian Premier League match, then watching the game on live stream can give you an idea of how it is going.

Naturally, you may still want to use resources such as cricket data and statistics to come up with the bets you are going to place. But live streaming can surely help you.

Can I stream live cricket on a mobile device?

Yes, mobile devices are often used to live stream cricket matches on betting sites. In fact, some of these sites even have betting apps that can be downloaded onto your favorite device, be it a smartphone or tablet. This is often the easiest way to access live cricket streams on betting sites in India.

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