IPL 2023 Virat Kohli Century: Players Salute Anushka’s ‘BOMB’, For 1st Time In IPL, Unique Sight

IPL 2023 Virat Kohli Century: Players Salute Anushka’s ‘BOMB’, For 1st Time In IPL, Unique Sight

Virat Kohli Century SRH vs RCB: IPL 2023 is now in its final phase and its excitement is running high its intoxication deepened when Royal Challengers Bangalore’s dashing player Virat Kohli showed a stormy game against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Kohli beat the players of Hyderabad in such a way that no one had imagined. Kohli hit a brilliant century off 63 balls, which will be memorable for many things.

It is to be known that Kohli hit 2 fours and 4 sixes in his Virat game, while his fireworks game was going on on the field, at that time the public stadium was clapping and shouting Virat-Virat.

Although every match of IPL is very exciting and gives a lot of entertainment to cricket lovers, on Thursday evening, Kohli gave a double dose of joy to his fans.

The players stood up and gave Kohli a 90-degree salute to Kohli’s brilliant innings. This unique sight was not yet seen in this IPL season, usually, people give Standing Ovation on the arrival of a big player, but for the first time, the whole team has done this for the player who scored a century on the field.

Kohli Dominates Social Media

The pictures giving Standing Ovation to Kohli are currently in the headlines on social media and people are commenting fiercely on it.

Kohli scored the 6th century of his career in IPL yesterday and with this, he has equaled Chris Gayle in terms of scoring the most centuries in IPL.

Kohli And Faf Played A Great Game

Significantly, in this match played at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Sunrisers Hyderabad had given a challenge of 186 runs to Royal Challengers Bangalore, which was made very easy by Kohli and Faf du Plessis.

After this resounding victory, the hopes of Kohli’s fans are still alive as Bangalore still has a chance to reach the playoffs.

Anushka Said- ‘This Is A BOMB…’

Let us tell you that after this fantastic game, Kohli is getting congratulations from all sides, but the most beautiful thing has been said for him by his wife and actress Anushka Sharma.

After her husband’s chance game, Anushka shared a gorgeous photo on Instagram, in which she made a collage of pictures of Kohli’s shot and has written that Yeh to Bam (using firecracker emoji), wow! What a brilliant innings.

Kohli Made A Video Call To Anushka

This reaction of Anushka is going viral on social media and people are praising her a lot. It is known that after the victory of Royal Challengers Bangalore, a video is also going viral in which Kohli is seen talking to his wife Anushka Sharma on a video call.

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