IPL Betting Apps In India: Mobile Betting Sites Vs Mobile Betting Apps 2023

IPL Betting Apps In India: Mobile Betting Sites Vs Mobile Betting Apps 2023

IPL Betting Apps In India: There are so many IPL betting apps in India to choose from, the choice can be a bit confusing for IPL fans who are unsure which one to choose.

Here are some of the top 7 IPL betting apps, available to download on iOS and Android.

So come, let’s move toward today’s main topic and know about the Top 7 IPL Betting Apps in India:

Best 7 Free Cricket Live Streaming Sites In India

1. IndiBet-

IndiBet Offered for both iOS and Android, IndiBet is definitely one of the top IPL betting apps to offer.

Known as one of the most powerful online cricket betting possibilities in India. IndiBet makes its mark in various fields. A clean and simple design makes navigation simple to start things off here.

Excellent IPL betting promotions are often available on the IndiBet IPL betting app as well. While, IPL betting will be the priority for most people who get the IndiBet app for iOS or Android, with over 30 sports to choose from on its sportsbook there are plenty of options.

2. Orbit Exchange –

One of the most renowned betting brands in the world, Orbit Exchange has one of the top IPL betting apps for iOS and Android. Thousands of betting markets are offered, so Orbit Exchange is not only strong on IPL.

Bet-building tools and great live-streaming options are among the reasons to choose Orbit Exchange.

Orbit Exchange’s online casino can be accessed through its iOS and Android IPL betting apps as well as its live casino and increasingly popular e-ddSports betting section.

Orbit Exchange is a well-known betting brand, so its iOS and Android IPL betting apps can be trusted.

3. Parimatch-

Another iOS and Android betting app in India that offers great live streaming is Parimatch.

The IPL betting app from this betting brand has real-time statistics to give users who are looking to bet on the big game of the day a whole lot of information at their fingertips as well.

There are also table dozens of matches available to play at Parimatch, which is also public through the brand’s Android and iOS betting apps in India.

IPL betting is one of the main reasons why the Ukrainian company is a rising force in the sports betting world.

4. Purewin-

Many of the top IPL betting apps in India have just launched online casinos. This is the case with Purewin, a betting site, and the mobile betting app formerly known as Pure Casino.

The benefits of downloading the Purewin IPL betting app include that there is 24/7 customer service available. Being able to access live chat around the clock is a tick-in-the-box for Indians.

Purewin also has great cricket betting possibilities, helping to ensure that it is one of the top IPL betting apps available to download for iOS and Android in India.

5. 22Bet-

22Bet claims that it has created the best sports betting app for Android and iOS. 22Bet has set itself a huge target. But it would be fair to say that the 22Bet IPL betting app is one of the best.

Available on iPhone and Android in India, the 22Bet IPL betting app includes the opportunity to deposit via various popular local banking options including UPI and Paytm. 

Since, 22Bet is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission, it is safe and legal to use in India.

6. Bet365-

As one of the biggest betting brands in the world, most sports fans in India would expect the Bet365 IPL betting app to be great. And they won’t be disappointed with what it has to offer.

The Bet365 IPL betting app is particularly strong when it comes to living cricket sports streams. Bet365 probably has the largest selection of sports streaming of any mobile betting app in India.

The sportsbook available on the Bet365 betting app for iOS and Android users is huge. There are a huge number of markets to choose from, meaning users will always be able to find a bet.

7. 4raBet-

Last but not least our pick of the best IPL betting apps in India right now is 4raBet. While not as well known as some of the other major options out there for iOS and Android users who want to be able to bet on the IPL. 

4raBet is likely to be a very popular choice among Indian sports fans. Thanks for the fact that it is available in English. And Hindi – something that not many other IPL betting apps can offer. 

Various online casino games, including live casino options, are also available on the 4raBet app.

How To Choose Best IPL Betting Apps

When reviewing the best IPL betting apps, here are the key factors to look at closely:


Indian sports fans want to be sure that any betting app they download is safe, legal, and secure, first and foremost. IPL betting apps must take measures such as using SSL encryption to keep customer data and information completely secure.

They also need to be properly licensed and regulated to ensure that they are both safe and legal to use in India. If any IPL betting app falls short on security, then it is very difficult for any Indian user to trust it.

Range Of IPL Betting Markets-

At first glance, a lot of IPL betting apps may seem to have similar options when it comes to the markets they offer. 

However, diving too deep into what is offered can reveal significant differences in the range of IPL betting markets that the app has.

Some IPL betting apps specialize in the live in-play market, while others focus more on pre-post betting, in which users place their bets before the action begins. 

When placing live in-play betting on the top IPL matches of the day, the range of markets offered is crucial.

IPL Promotions-

With so much competition among the best IPL betting apps in India, the good news for the users is that there are a lot of IPL promotions on the table when the event is underway. 

This means that cricket-free bets are often available, and not just for new users who create an account on the IPL betting app. But are also available to exist customers of that betting brand.

However, it is fair to say that the best IPL promotions will probably be offered by IPL betting apps trying to get new users to sign up for an account with them, rather than a rival. 

Other examples of IPL betting promotions that can be included on apps in India are reloaded and cashback bonuses.

High IPL Betting Odds-

Indian sports fans also want to be sure that they get good value from the bets they place on the Indian Premier League. Therefore high online IPL betting odds are so critical.

Although the difference in prices for IPL markets can look very similar across a range of top IPL betting apps. 

Taking the best price on offer can result in higher potential profits. Some of the top betting apps in India right now are especially known for their high IPL odds.

Live IPL Streaming-

One of the primary developments in the world of online betting in recent years has been the rise in live sports streaming. 

For fans who want to stay updated with all the most outstanding action on the pitch, IPL betting applications for live IPL match streaming have now become a must.

Users may need to place a qualifying bet to be able to access the streams, while they may also want to know whether the streams provided will be on a slight delay.

Customer Support-

An often underrated part of IPL betting apps is the customer service provided. Sometimes, betting brands can be guilty of cutting corners and trying to save cash here and there. 

But Indian sports fans want to be able to get quick help whenever they have a problem with their account on the IPL betting app.

In an ideal world, 24/7 customer service would be provided through a number of options, likely to include live chat, as well as telephone and email.

Some people may also be curious to know whether customer service is available in languages other than English, who provide customer service in Hindi. It’s likely to have a very high rating.

Mobile Betting Sites Vs Mobile Betting Apps

There is a vast range of advantages and disadvantages to utilizing mobile betting apps, just as there are with mobile betting sites. It is important to consider the various issues surrounding IPL betting apps.

One of the main advantages of using mobile betting apps to bet on IPL is that they are fast. For sports fans in India who want to bet live in-play, speed is of the essence.

Most of the time, mobile betting apps will be the fastest way to bet on live IPL matches. It is almost always the case that an IPL betting app will be faster than using a mobile betting site.

While a small lag in speed may not seem like it is a big deal. It can make the difference between getting a winning bet and even missing out on a chance to place a bet when doing live in-play betting on IPL.

If a mobile site is slow to load, the user may lose the chance to place a bet. Another advantage of using mobile betting apps compared to mobile betting sites is that they are specially designed for smaller screens.

Too often, betting brands don’t put much effort into their mobile sites. It should be gradually too load and awkward to navigate around. The latest IPL betting apps 2023, on the other hand, are built from the ground up, so they usually work great.

Some Indians may prefer to use a mobile betting site over any IPL betting app for a number of reasons. These may include that they simply do not want to download apps onto devices.

The process of downloading an IPL betting app isn’t too complicated, but getting hold of the APK files from the website and allowing it to change device settings is a bit much for some Indians.

However, apps may have additional features that mobile betting sites are not able to provide. For example, users are often more likely to find IPL live streams on an app than on a betting site.

With so many sports fans keen on making sure they don’t miss a single ball of IPL action, it is a major tick in the box to download IPL betting apps on mobile sites.

Notifications are often another feature that IPL betting apps have, which is not the case with mobile sites. For those who want to stay up to date with all the latest scores, or get news of a big wicket in an IPL match straight to their device, this gives betting apps a major edge.

Mobile betting sites are not always particularly well-optimized. Often, betting operators convert their main desktop site into a mobile option as quickly and cheaply as they can.

This can make it difficult to navigate and live in-play markets, which are usually presented front and center on IPL betting apps in India, and can be hidden away in a sub-menu that is difficult to find fast.

Ultimately, for IPL fans, the choice between using online IPL betting applications and a mobile website rather may just come down to individual preference.

With some betting brands focusing extensively on their apps, customers of those companies may be better off downloading the app.

However, IPL betting apps are a consideration for some of the biggest names in the industry.

For some people, it may therefore be better to use IPL betting apps from some operators, while opting for mobile betting sites from others. A mixed approach toward apps may be best.

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