Yashasvi Jaiswal Success Story: Once Used To Run Golgappa Cart, Now Became A Cricket Sensation

Yashasvi Jaiswal Success Story: Once Used To Run Golgappa Cart, Now Became A Cricket Sensation

His road to becoming a cricket star was not an easy one. Hailing from Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh, Yashasvi Jaiswal moved to Mumbai at the age of 11 because he wanted to play cricket.

His father had a paint shop in Bhadohi. In Mumbai, the father got Yashasvi’s stay arranged in a stable known to him, where it was a condition that he would have to work there.

Yashasvi Jaiswal Success Story

Yashasvi used to wake up at five in the morning and help in the tabela, then used to go to Azad Maidan and practice cricket.

One day when Yashasvi returned, his belongings were thrown away. The owner of the stable fired them. Yashasvi started living in a tent in Azad Maidan.

When there was no money, he also worked to sell golgappas and chaat. Once some boys came to his shop to eat golgappas, they were the same boys with whom he used to play cricket.

After that, he stopped setting up the Golgappa stall, but in any case, did not leave the practice of cricket.

Yashasvi met local coach Jwala Singh at Azad Maidan itself. Seeing something in Yashasvi, he got Yashasvi new shoes and a kit and also gave him a place in Chaal’s room to stay.

After that Yashasvi started playing with Dadar Union Club. Dilip Vengsarkar sent Yashasvi Jaiswal to England (UK) as a club player.

After that Yashasvi played for Under 16, 19, and 23. Became the youngest cricket player to score 200 runs in a 50-over match in the honorable Vijay Hazare Trophy.

Rahul Dravid honed his talent. In the 2020 IPL, Rajasthan bought Yashasvi for two crores 40 lakhs. His success story is now in front of everyone.

Yashasvi’s father Bhupendra still runs a small paint shop in Bhadohi. Father says that his son has fulfilled his dream. Those who used to call me crazy, today they get photographs taken together.

Those who used to say that you will be ruined after your son, today the same people say that Monty is our only child.

Cricketer Yashasvi Jaiswal Story

Today everyone is praising Yashasvi, who has shown his prowess with the bat, and he is being called the future star of the Indian team.

Talking about the recent match, in the recent IPL, Yashasvi scored an unbeaten 98 in just 47 balls with 13 fours and five sixes. With this victory, the Rajasthan team reached number three in the points table.

Happy with this achievement of the son, the mother says, never bought a toy for Yashasvi. When I was one year old, I used to play bat-ball in the room with my father.

He had the will. Now the height of Yashasvi’s fame is that a few days back in Mumbai, Sachin Tendulkar called Yashasvi home and met him for 40 minutes.

During this, he gifted a bat to Yashasvi and also gave some tips about the game.

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