3 Controversial Stumping In Cricket History, New Zealand Recalled Batsman Showing Sportsmanship

3 Controversial Stumping In Cricket History, New Zealand Recalled Batsman Showing Sportsmanship:

Everyone is talking about the way English wicketkeeper Johnny Bairstow was dismissed during the second innings of England in the second Test match of the Ashes series. The Australian team’s sporting spirit was also questioned after Bairstow’s dismissal.

The English media had filled the newspapers with Bairstow’s out. Although many are considering Bairstow to be run out it was actually a stumping.

It was a shocking development. He was given out even when the wicket was simply out. Three such incidents have been mentioned here.

3 Controversial Stumping In Cricket History:

Jonny Bairstow was dismissed by Alex Carey.

England keeper Jonny Bairstow manages to drop the last ball of the over on the fifth day of the Ashes series. He then steps out of the crease to go to the non-striking end. On this, keeper Alex Carey throws the ball towards the stumps and the bails fly away.

After the appeal, the matter is referred to the third umpire. It appears that Bairstow came out before the ball was dead. He was given out. Although he was simply going. There was a ruckus on this dispute.

Brendon McCullum dismisses Paul Collingwood

This was seen during the ICC Champions Trophy in the year 2009. England Test team coach Brendon McCullum had dismissed Paul Collingwood.

This was the case with Collingwood. He was leaving the ball to Kyle Mills. McCullum uprooted the stumps. He was given out on appeal but later the KV team withdrew their appeal and allowed the batsman to play.

Rishabh Pant out in Under 19 World Cup

Pant was dismissed by West Indies wicketkeeper Tevin Imlach. Pant came out of the crease after leaving Alzarri Joseph’s ball.

Meanwhile, the keeper blew the bells. Pant’s leg was slowly coming back but the keeper showed quickness and hit the ball at the stumps. The third umpire gave him out.

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