Why Did Ajit Agarkar Become Selector Of BCCI? 2023

Why Did Ajit Agarkar Become Selector Of BCCI? 2023: BCCI chief selector has now become Ajit Agarkar, his name was being discussed for the last few days, so when BCCI gave the news of Agarkar becoming the chief selector, people were not surprised, but yes, why was he made the chief selector?

Talks are happening about it. According to media reports, Ajit Agarkar got the chair for two reasons. The first reason is that he is close to captain Rohit Sharma and the second reason is that he is a Mumbai resident.

It has been believed that the Mumbai effect is very powerful in the BCCI. History is witness that the important posts of BCCI have always been dominated by Mumbaikars.

Ajit Agarkar is a resident of Mumbai

There have been examples of this from Sunil Gavaskar to Ravi Shastri, although the position is given only to those who have merit, the BCCI has always been accused that preference is given to those who are qualified as well as Mumbaikars.

That’s why it is being said on social media about Agarkar that Mumbaikar Effect has helped him to become a selector.

Team India captain Rohit Sharma also from Mumbai

Let us tell you that Team India captain Rohit Sharma is also from Mumbai. At that time, there is a big challenge in front of Team India regarding the World Cup. There is a lot of pressure on Rohit Sharma himself.

India’s poor performance in the T20 World Cup and some of the senior players of the team not playing in big matches has put Team India in the dock of questions.

In such a situation, BCCI may have felt that two Mumbaikars can work better by understanding each other and hence BCCI has shown faith in Ajit Agarkar.

The team needs an all-rounder

Ajit Agarkar, who has always had a low profile, has a serious nature. He has been an all-rounder and at present there is no all-rounder in the team except Hardik Pandya.

In such a situation, Ajit Agarkar’s keen eye can bring a new all-rounder to the team, which is a great need for Team India.

Will Agarkar live up to the test?

Along with this, Agarkar understands modern cricket very well, he has previously played the role of a selector at the junior level from 2017 to 2019 and he knows very well how players should be in the field in all three formats of cricket.

That’s why BCCI has placed a big bet on him, now let’s see how well he lives up to the test.

26 Tests, 191 ODIs, and 4 T20s

It is known that Team India’s best all-rounder Ajit Agarkar has played 26 Tests, 191 ODIs, and 4 T20 matches for India. He has scored 571, 1269, and 15 runs in Tests, ODIs, and T20s respectively.

While he has taken 58 wickets in Tests, 288 in ODIs, and 3 wickets in T20s.

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