5 Reasons Why Ajit Agarkar Became New Chief Selector Of Indian Cricket Team

5 Reasons Why Ajit Agarkar Became New Chief Selector Of Indian Cricket Team: Indian Cricket has got a new chief selector for the senior men’s cricket team, with former fast bowler Ajit Agarkar being appointed.

This post plays a very important role in shaping the future of Indian cricket. The job of the selection committee is to create bench strength, identify talent, groom it, and coordinate with the team management.

Know about five such reasons why Ajit Agarkar has been elected as the Chief Selector.

A high-profile candidate

The stature of Ajit Agarkar Indian cricket has been a tall player. He has also earned a name in cricket commentary and coaching after his playing career.

He has taken 349 wickets in international cricket. As an all-rounder, he has a lot of reputation in Indian cricket.

having a strong personality

Agarkar is known to speak out loud. His style may not be as cool as Ravi Shastri but he is outspoken.

Earlier, chief selectors like SSK Prasad have been accused of being cowed down by personalities like Virat Kohli. Agarkar is not going to fade in the glow of the team’s stars.

Past experience-

Agarkar has vast experience in coaching and team management. He was recently included in the dynamic coaching staff of Delhi Capitals. Earlier, he also worked as the chief selector of the Mumbai cricket team.

Experience of the young candidate and T20-

Till now all the chief selectors did not have much experience of playing T20 cricket. The latest format of cricket is currently ruling the world.

In such a situation, the need for a young chief selector of BCCI, who has also experienced T20, is fulfilled by Agarkar. He may have played 4 T20 International matches, but he has a huge experience of 62 matches in T20 cricket.

Unilateral claimant-

According to a Cricbuzz report, Agarkar was the only candidate interviewed by the Cricket Advisory Committee.

Though it has not been officially confirmed by the BCCI, it has been learned that Agarkar was unanimously selected by the three-member CAC.

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