Sunil Gavaskar Love Story, Net Worth, Success Story 2023

Sunil Gavaskar Love Story, Net Worth, Success Story 2023: Today is the 74th birthday of Sunil Gavaskar, the greatest player of Team India and popularly known as ‘Little Master’.

Gavaskar, who is called the classic cricketer of the world, may not be seen tearing apart the bowlers on the field today, but sitting in the expert corridors, he is definitely seen making interesting comments about the cricketers.

Sunil Gavaskar Success Story-

Born in a Marathi middle-class family in Mumbai, Gavaskar has many great innings to his credit. Even today no one has forgotten his unbeaten innings of 236 runs.

Gavaskar, who proudly widened India’s chest through his game on the world stage, is the first batsman to score 10,000 runs in international cricket and the special thing is that he celebrated this record in 1987 against Pakistan.

Sunil Gavaskar Love Story-

Gavaskar, who played 108 ODIs for India, used to be very daring in real life. Gavaskar, who usually kept his family life away from the media, once upon a time had a long female fan, he probably did not realize that one day he too would lose his heart on one of his fans.

Love at first sight with Marcheline-

Actually, this is the matter in the year 1973, when Gavaskar fell in love with seeing Marcheline Malhotra studying at Delhi’s Shri Ram College.

It is known that Marcheline Malhotra is a resident of Kanpur, UP, her father used to run a leather company there. Marcheline was very beautiful, whose beauty attracted the player, with whom many girls used to fall in love at that time.

Lattu was done on his own fan-

Actually, it so happened that a match was going on in Delhi’s stadium, to see which Marcheline had come there with her friends.

During the lunch break, Gavaskar was standing in the student wing when Marcheline approached him to get his autograph. It is said that Gavaskar’s heart rang as soon as he saw Marcheline.

After this match, Gavaskar started searching for Marcheline and after a long search, he came to know that she is from Kanpur. He had made up his mind to marry Marcheline, but Marcheline did not know that someone loved her so much.

Gavaskar is the son-in-law of Kanpur-

He stopped at his friend’s house in Kanpur and started looking for Marcheline’s address. Even his friend was not aware of his obsession and eventually Sunil Gavaskar found out about Marcheline’s house. After this Test match took place in Kanpur, Gavaskar invited Marcheline and his entire family to watch the match.

Asked in front of the family – will you marry me?-

Marcheline’s family members could not understand anything but they all came to watch the match and after that, Sunil proposed to Marcheline Malhotra for marriage in front of the whole family. Everyone’s eyes were teary-eyed at that time, no one understood anything at all.

Married on 13 September 1974-

But no one had any reason to refuse, and after this, on 13 September 1974, Gavaskar and Marcheline got married with great fanfare with the consent of the family members.

Both have a son Rohan Gavaskar from their marriage. Both are very happy in their small life. It is known that Marcheline runs the Chappas Foundation, which works to motivate the players.

Sunil Gavaskar net worth-

Although Gavaskar retired from cricket in the year 1987, even today he earns crores. According to media reports, the total net worth of Sunil Gavaskar is Rs 250 crore.

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