ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Watching Match From Corporate Box In Dharamshala Will Be Expensive

ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Watching Contest From Corporate Box In Dharamshala Will Be Expensive: The wait for the ICC ODI World Cup to be hosted by India is going to end soon.

ICC ODI World Cup 2023

The tournament is going to start on 5 October, the final will be played on 19 November. Under the tournament, an important match will be played between India and New Zealand on October 22 at the International Cricket Stadium Dharamshala.

The cheapest ticket for this match in Dharamshala is Rs.1500, while the most expensive ticket is Rs.30,000.

HPCA stadium will host five matches

Actually, under the much-awaited ODI World Cup, India is ready to play an important match against New Zealand in Dharamsala. The HPCA Stadium in Dharamshala will host five matches of the ODI World Cup 2023.

Spectators will have to spend more money to watch the match between India and New Zealand in Dharamshala. The cheapest ticket here will be available for Rs 1500, while the corporate box ticket has been kept at Rs 30 thousand.

Corporate box

Corporate Box Boxes provide a variety of facilities to spectators watching matches. These facilities are not present in the other stands of the stadium. Corporate Box Boxes are fully comfortable and air-conditioned.

If you are watching the match from here then you do not need to sweat in the heat. Additionally, many stadiums have balconies from where you can enjoy the weather.

These special facilities are also available

Additionally, most corporate boxes have free high-speed WiFi connections and are equipped with large-screen TVs to watch replays in slow motion if you miss a special moment during the match.

There is also a strong possibility that you may be seen on television during a live match. Apart from this, there are also corporate box food and drink facilities.

For this, you do not need to go anywhere but are brought to your seat so that no one has to get up from their seat.

Other stand prices

Apart from the cheapest ticket of Rs 1500 and the most expensive Rs 30 thousand for the India and New Zealand match in Dharamshala, a ticket of Rs 2000 will also be available for cricket lovers.

Apart from this, the prices of other stands can be up to Rs 5000, 7000, 12 thousand and 20 thousand. Online booking of match tickets will start from September 1 on the Book My Show website.

ODI World Cup 2023 Match Schedule in Dharamshala

  • Bangladesh vs Afghanistan match on 7 October
  • England vs Bangladesh on 10 October
  • South Africa v Netherlands on 17 October
  • India vs New Zealand on 22 October
  • Australia vs New Zealand on 28 October

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